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Milwaukee Spring Tournament (Jan 31st at UWM)


Location: Room 260 in the UWM Student Union

Cost: Free!

Date: January 31st, 11:00-6:00

Prize Pool: 1 alt-art card sleeve for ID to everyone + 1 set of alt-art card sleeves to top 12 + German Alt Art NBN: Making News to winner

11:00 Sign-in/get deck lists
11:20 Round 1
12:25 Round 2
1:30 Lunch / break
2:00 Round 3
3:05 Round 4
4:10 Round 5
5:15 Prizes!

All packs are legal up to The Source.


Well, @aandries, @Paranoid, and I all live in the MKE area. I can spread the word to the half-dozen or so others in the area.


Why the special format? For funsies?


Yeah - just for fun; since the people who come just for the prestige probably won’t come anyways because it’s not a Store or Regional Championship, and I thought maybe it might attract some people. I’m not attached to the idea - mainly I live in Milwaukee and I want to play, but since I have no car, Games Universe is way too far away (90 mins each way).

I also like designing stuff, and I feel like having 7 new cards will add a little variety without messing up the A:NR experience.


Give us a heads-up on when it’s going down.


I’d be much more interested in a standard format, but that’s just me.


@Paranoid wants only to crush dreams with astroscripts.

This format sounds amazing. Wish I could be there.


I’m in Milwaukee, but I’m also not really a fan of using unofficial cards.


The custom cards thing sounds like a cool idea for a league. The guy who meets some criterion the best in a given week gets to add a new card (or perhaps a spoiled card) to the legal pool for the next week.

It sounds like a cool format. In the offseason, having a funsies tournament seems totally reasonable. Something like this can maybe combine funsies and competitive for a day.


While I can see where others are coming from with not using unofficial cards and the fact that we’re preparing for Store Champs that are right around the corner, but this sounds like fun. My only consideration would be to have people vote on the cards that are used. Sometimes one person’s perspective doesn’t lead to fun for everyone.

Great idea overall, and I’m sad that I live to far away to attend.


Agreed. A poll on them would be good. However, it’s this dude’s event, and it is free, so, I’m not complaining.

FWIW, MKE’s SC is on Valentine’s Day at Game Universe. Will have to take the wife out the night before to make amends.


I’m not complaining either; it seems like a solid idea. I just prefer standard format. I’ll definitely try to attend regardless.


I’m setting up the date and location right around now. You probably don’t want to know this, but here’s the options going through my head, in order of preference:

Get the UWM’s Strategic Game Club’s sponsorship
Get Board Game Barrister’s sponsorship
Set up my house to hold lots of people
Pay ~$200 to rent out a space at UWM

Side note: I’ll make sure to do a poll


Don’t pay $200. My friend, an avid gamer, does IT at UWM. Let me talk to him.


The day is January 31st, the location is room 260 in the UWM student union, the time is 11:00-6:00.


What about the special rules?


I don’t think people submitted because any because we didn’t have a day/time.


All right - it’s now officially vanilla.


Final announcement - schedule is as follows:

11:00 Sign-in/get deck lists
11:20 Round 1
12:25 Round 2
1:30 Lunch / break
2:00 Round 3
3:05 Round 4
4:10 Round 5
5:15 Prizes!

All packs are legal up to The Source.