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Minnesota Regionals at FFG Center 2nd Place Tournament Report by Abram Jopp

Noiseshop was running Cyberfeeders over Sure Gamble. Totally crazy in my opinion since the Feeder takes 6 turns to equal a Gamble but if the game goes long enough I guess it works out.

I think in a deck with only crypsis as the breaker, it’s the right call. Have the same bad feeling though.

People tend to overrate Cyberfeeder because discounts are emotionally satisfying and don’t crunch the math on how its value drops sharply when they’re drawn later in the deck or when the game goes short.

It’s human nature to go - “much value, such savings, wow” when that Turn 1 Cyberfeeder ends a Glacier matchup at +$12 but then the copies you draw late are basically dead.

Especially now when you need $6 of real money to start up Wyldside+Chronotype and you want to do that ASAP, Turn 1 Gamble instead is going to give you that injection of cash right away to get your engine rolling, or just interact with Butcher without getting Midseasoned.


Sure gamble takes 5 to get going. If I have 2 credits I can play a feeder and then put a Datasucker on a Scheherazade and go back to 1 credit. In a world where turn 1 Wyldside is a play this situation is fairly common.

In my game against RP in the cut I used my Cyberfeeder 14 times by my count. In games where Cypsis does more work that number can get even higher. I didn’t even get the feeder out on turn 1 that game (it was turn 3 i think).

I did a lot of testing and stat-grinding on this and I’m quite sure feeder is the way to go.

You’re right about the 6 credits of real money on turn 1 thing, but that’s super win-more. I don’t think I’ve ever lost a game with this deck (OCTGN or IRL) where I had both of those cards in my opener. You can build a Noise deck to totally dominate once it get its engine, or you can do what I do and make it functional when it does not. Feeder helps with the latter a lot.


I would argue that, although there is a mid-game window in which gamble would be better, the window is smaller that it seems. Late game you want to only be milling and running (and charging crypsis :stuck_out_tongue:) with your clicks. When I had gambles in the deck I frequently ended games, win or lose, with 10+ credits and the gambles burning a hole in my hand. Since I only want a pure econ card in the early game, feeder is better for me.

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For what it’s worth, I can confirm that Abram was very literally never broke in any of the games of his I watched. I never even noticed that he didn’t have Gambles he was so flush with cash. I’d hate to admit it, but I believe him if he says the deck can go without.

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So, now Underway exists, and I have two questions about the Noise deck.

Faust over Crypsis? I know Crypsis is a virus, which is nice, but especially in a deck like this, with 3 Dejas, 3 Clone Chips, does the fact that you don’t have to charge it up and pay for it make Faust better on your power runs? Or do you keep Crypsis and add…

Street Peddler? I’ve been told there’s no Anarch deck in the world that isn’t better with Peddler… I don’t know what you’d cut out of this deck to add her, though. Having a Clone Chip or a Clot on her would be fantastic, dropping a Lamprey or a Imp after getting in, before accessing would be nice, especially if it affects the corp’s decisions. Hiding D4v1d on her is great too.

But normally I’d replace a piece of the draw engine with her. This deck has no real draw engine but Wyldcakes, and you’re not replacing that.


Noise Peddler (45 cards)
Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire
Event (5)
3 Deja Vu
2 Sure Gamble

Hardware (6)
3 Clone Chip
1 Cyberfeeder
2 Grimoire

Resource (11)
2 Adjusted Chronotype
3 Aesop’s Pawnshop
3 Street Peddler
3 Wyldside

Icebreaker (2)
1 Crypsis
1 Faust

Program (21)
3 Cache
2 D4v1d
3 Datasucker
3 Imp
3 Lamprey
2 Medium
3 Parasite
2 Scheherazade

This is my current deck.
-2 Feeder +2 Gamble: OK I cave, with the added consistency of peddler getting your wyldside right away, the T1 Gamble Wyldside dream is realistic enough to play. I still like 1 Feeder for the same reason that 1 Visage is good in Kate (but actually better than that since turns where visage is unused are not too uncommon, whereas you should play at least 1 virus every turn). Also, 3 Feeders helped support Crypsis, which Faust makes less necssary.

-1 Clot -1 Plascrete -2 Crypsis + 3 Peddler + 1 Faust: Faust is the real deal. Let me be clear though, he is still plan B. Parasite is plan A all the way and I win most games without breaking any ice at all. Breaking an early remote for 2 points is actually usually wrong if you have to chuck your whole hand. Noise is all about tempo. I cut the hate cards as I always do when testing a new build. I’ll add them back in if they feel needed. Peddler is a dumb card, it adds unreal consistency.

-1 Incubator +1 Lamprey: <3 Lamprey. If you still aren’t sold, you’re using it wrong. I discussed this change in the article.

This deck is completely nuts. I have 80+% with it on OCTGN right now. It’s sooooooooo fast and consistent it’s scary.


Shaper at heart but have started playing noise for fun. It’s insanely good with Faust/paddler now. Quick question, what’s you game plan when playing against PE? I played against it once and did not fair well.

It can be hard. Mushin is always hard.

3 Lamprey really helps against PE. If you can 0 them out then you’re looking good.

Don’t let them score house of knives, so check unadvanced remotes.

Get some sucker counters and clone chips out so you can blow up mean ice. The rest of your cards can be hitpoints. Having a Crypsis is nice (or mimic if you’re a coward).

Get 3-4 points and then try to win it in archives.


Another question: what’s your response to architect? Just ignore that server and win off the others?

Yes, hit elsewhere. This is why Lamprey is important. Late game break it for 2 cards and a sucker counter with Faust (or 2 credits and 3 suckers with Crypsis).

It’s really not that big of a deal. Just try to face check it at a point where they can only profit from the first sub so they don’t get too much value.

Putting contingency cards in a deck is a good way to water down your strategy. Architect is the single best ice against you, but there’s always going to be a worst thing for you. Just deal with it :stuck_out_tongue: