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Minnesota Regionals at FFG Center 2nd Place Tournament Report by Abram Jopp

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/minnesota-regionals-at-ffg-center-2nd-place-tournament-report-by-abram-jopp/

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Abram is far too modest. He plays that Noise deck like it is a different game entirely. Virus installs for days, precision runs, Parasite at key moments with key ICE. He’s one of the best Noise players around, period.

That. Deck. List. I wanted it. I’m going to have to put it together now.


Noise - the first mini faction.


Yeah dude.

Nice report. I’m happy to have contributed to your run by being your first sweep en route to the top 8. :wink:

I totally agree (and he quotes me saying as much.) I’ve played Noise a fair amount, and to modest success, but I have never played Noise like this guy. My singular goal these days is understanding how he approaches the game. Abram is a great asset to this community and I’m glad we convinced him to show up.

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“Spags is a great player and probably the single nicest guy I faced all day.”


I know! I did a double-take too.


he’s taking a page out of the Spags Big Book of Trolling? I kid, I kid. I’m sure you’re nice. On your good days.


As far as I know, the niceness is dependent on him sweeping you :wink: , but I doubt it.

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If you play this deck, do it justice and add in the 3rd Lamprey. That card is out of this world.

I swept him. Kept Noise down with BN/kill Aesop and PS his Scherazade.

Nice guy. My voice was gone, so, that helped.

Nice write up. Everyone was amazed at his Noise, but it was his play that carries him.

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I meant your niceness upon sweeping me :smile:
I forgot about that Power Shutdown. It’s funny that I was sadder to lose the Scheherazade than all the stuff on it…


Oh. You’re Abram.



I trust you on that. Seriously, dude, props. Your play, especially with Noise, is great to watch. Please give us more articles on how you think about the game. Not just trying to be your woohoo boy here; I am truly interested in your approach.

I’m so happy this forum does not allow banners under our posts.Otherwise I would use this too. :wink:

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Here is how I would introduce people to Noise:
There will be servers you can’t get into without paying money you will never have. That’s fine. You don’t need to be able to get in everywhere. You just need to be able to get in SOMEWHERE, and make it really really hurt when you do. That can be:
R&D: Medium + IMP/ID ability combo
HQ: Lamprey + IMP
Remotes: IMP assets and critical upgrades. Obviously get points if they play too fast.
Archives: Self-explanatory :smile:

They need defend everything all the time. That takes a lot of money and ice. Parasite and IMP let you deny them on both fronts (Lamprey and your ID also help). Additionally, your ID pressures Jackson usage on archives. This forces them to make remote plays you can bust with your AI breaker (and D4v1D), or break them rezzing ice to defend it. Heaven forbid they play passively against your ID. The longer they wait, the more juicy HQ gets, the denser R&D gets, and the richer you get. So many games see my opponents with 2 points and me at 0, them making a remote play for the 2nd time, me going after it, and them going broke defending it. This leads to a centrals assault that very quickly closes the game.


Really enjoyed the charm of the article. As a lifetime anarch player (coming up on 2 years, awww!) you think in-game exactly the way I do.

Us anarchs are scrappy folk.

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Anarchs don’t look for points. We beat the corp until they fall out. :open_mouth:


You mentioned that Parasite was the only card that was in all of the top 8 runner decks. Out of curiosity, what identity was not running Sure Gamble?

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