Mistakes Made Online- if They Occurred in Real Life

I have misclicked before, while playing online. I’m sure we all have. When this happens, I think about how it would never happen in a face to face setting. Then, I think how funny/amusing it would look if it did.
For example, I accidentally mulliganed my hand when I meant to keep. I imagine myself saying, “Oh yes, this is good, I’ll keep,” as I immediately proceed shuffle my hand into my deck.
Anyone else have any noteworthy experiences like this?

I’ve spent way too much time playing NEH. “New Server” is a muscle-memory reflex now when installing cards. IRL, I would never install something in a new server that I meant to put behind ice, but online, it happens constantly.

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I had a game in the SHL against Noise where I had a 4-0 lead, two 3/2s in hand, a Jackson on the board, three agendas in Archives, and a pretty decent scoring remote. I install an ABT and then end turn. Noise runs Archives and I go to pop the Jackson, realizing too late that I’d overwritten the Jackson instead of installing the ABT in the scoring server.


“Oh, there’s a card in Server 1 with an advancement counter on it. Maybe I shouldn’t reddit during the corp’s turn…”


Wasn’t it Calimsha who accidentally looked at the corps deck when he was going to look at the corps archives? Sounds like him. Well someone did in one of the bigger online tournaments and was awarded a game loss.

That would be weird IRL:

“I’ll just look at your archives”

proceeds to fan the corps entire RnD out exposing every single card :laughing:


It was Calimsha during PSI-games, and he looked at the runners deck, well my deck tbh.

Pretty sad ending for such a nice game of Fastro vs val big dig. A very interesting matchup if you ask me.

But I’m sure he will get his revenge soon, we will meet again. That’s the advantage of living in a small country :stuck_out_tongue:


Playing Blue Sun with an Adonis at 3.

“I start my turn and don’t bounce my Adonis like I wanted to do I’ll instead trash it inadvertently and be unable to put it back with only 3 credits on.” (me, every time I drink and play BS bootcamp)

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/counter is your friend.

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that ‘mistake’ taken out of context is hilarious !



I guess @Calimsha wanted a new banner sig for the R4G forums :slight_smile:

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