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Mono-colour decks?

Hey 'hacks.

In order to get the builder juices flowing and keep my mind busy until the rotation and “everything else that’s good and in store for Netrunner” happens, I am considering running a tourney with the following deck building restrictions:

  1. Only neutral and in-faction cards in your deck (no out-of-faction cards from other factions)
  2. Neutral and/or MWL influence still counts against your influence limit.

Has anyone tried this on a larger scale before/recently? Any experiences/thoughts you’d like to share?

Once I get some decks built, I’ll share them here.

Several strong Anarch decks are already like this. Example influence spreads:

  • Whizzard: 2 Sifr, 3 Parasite, 3 Employee Strike, 2 Yog.0, 1 Rebirth
  • Valencia: 3 Blackmail, 1 Rumor Mill, 1 Rebirth, 2 Parasite

There’s some fun stuff you can do with Indian Union Stock Exchange and only neutral cards, mostly relying on Sandburg to close out games. Normally would run it in Palana or HB, but if you want nothing “out of faction,” then you can just put in something like Gagarin.


This does seem to largely favor Anarch and perhaps NBN, though HB could also contend, I think. Forget Weyland for sure and Crim’s probably not going to work that well either.

Assuming FiHP is actually going to be Tier 3 MWL (as predicted in the “leak” people have been talking about), HB actually seems like a prime candidate.

I could see something like 3 Friends, 3 Architect, 3 Food once Jackson rotates out making a pretty good Mono HB.

Why would paying influence for Friends make HB better? I mean, the other factions wouldn’t be playing it at all in this format. I’d be much rather importing a couple Whampoas for that inf and have a JH replacement.

I’m not saying that it makes HB better, I’m saying that if Friends costs 3 influence in faction then it could realistically show up in a “mono” purple deck.

Ah, ok. Yeah, seems possible, though not necessarily optimal. I’m not convinced that 3xFriends is worth 9inf in any deck.

I like a challenge :wink:

I probably wouldn’t go for all 3, but just using HB and neutral you could have a spread of 3 GFI, 3 Architect, 3 Mumba Temple, and 2 Friends and otherwise have basically the Moon Spam shell. Obviously losing Turtlebacks and all the draw filtering kind of sucks, but on paper it seems like it would still be fairly effective, especially in a post-rotation environment without Whizzard or Scrubber to contest your assets.