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Monthly Draft/Deckbuilding Pools

Since I’m thinking of not buying any data packs because of the rotation (don’t want to argue about this here), I’m coming up with some draft and constructed pools.

Is anyone else interesting in helping design real “rotation” formats? Cards would rotate in and out of the pool, so that even if you don’t get to use Replicating Perfection in one particular month, you know it’ll show up eventually so you can use it again. It would be designed also to have some archetypes unviable in standard play be boosted by the card pool, and ones too stronger nerved by it. It could either change every 1, 2, or 3, data packs; here’s what I have partly designed for The Spaces Between.

The IDs included are Nasir, Exile, Noise, Reina, Silhoette, Iain Stirling, The Foundry, Stronger Together, Near Earth Hub, Making News, Building A Better World, GRNDL, Harmony Medtech, Replicating Perfection.

Neutral (13): Dyson Mem Chip, Q-coherence chip, Underworld Contacts, Access to Globalsec, Dirty Laundry, Sure Gamble, Prepaid Voice Pad, Lucky Find, Daily Casts, Kati Jones, Plascrete Carapace, Eden Shard, Donut Taganes

Shaper (23): Personal Workshop, Battering Ram, Snowball, Gordian Blade, Pipeline, Creeper, Cybersolutions Memchip, Deep Thought, Paintbrush, Social Engineering, Test Run, Clone Chip, Aesop’s Pawnshop, Rabbit Hole, The Personal Touch, Net Shield, Ice Analyzer, Sacrificial Construct, LLDS Energy Regulator, Net Celebrity, Leprechaun, Alpha, Omega

Anarch (26): Parasite, Knight, Pawn, Bishop, Scrubbed, Rook, Xanadu, Mimic, Morningstar, Yog0, Sheherzade, Hemorrhage, Deep Red, Vamp, Cyber Threat, Ice Carver, Lamprey, David, Retrieval Run, Wyldside, Demolition Run, Medium, Djinn, Wyrm, Keyhole, Singularity

Criminal (26): Unscheduled Maintenance, Femme Fatale, Account Siphon, Logos, Peacock, Grifter, Tri-maf Contact, HQ Interface, Forged Activation Orders, Crash Space, Decoy, Mr. Li, Cache, Three Steps Ahead, Power Tap, Paper Tripping, Security Testing, Passport, Grappling Hook, Breach, Alias, Window, Express Delivery, Fall Guy, Savoir-Faire, Garotte

HB(21): Experiential Data, Enhanced Login Protocol, Heilein Grid, Eli 1.0, Biotic Labor, Fenris, Cerebral Overwriter, Viktor 1.0, Viktor 2.0, Heimdall 1.0, Heimdall 2.0, Ichi 1.0, NEXT Bronze, NEXT Silver, Domestic Sleepers, Sentinal Defense Program, Viper, Rex Campaign, Project Vitruvius, Project Wotan, Accelerated Diagnostics

Jinteki(27): Lotus Field, Shinobi, Neural EMP, Cerebral Static, Encrypted Portals, Chum, Sensei, Marker, Yagura, Clone Retirement, Sundew, Psychic Field, Mushin No Shin, Nisei Mk II, Cell Portal, Neural Katana, Komainu, Braintrust, Medical Breakthrough, The Future Perfect, Shi Kyu, Susano-no-mikoto, Tori Hanzo, Shock, Hokusai Grid, Wall of Thorns, Himitsu Bako,

NBN(14): Closed Accounts, TGTBT, Character Assassination, Astroscript, Invasion of Privacy, Snoop, Targeted Marketing, Primary Transmission Dish, Midway Station Grid, Flare, Uroboros, Anonymous Tip, Ghost Branch, Matrix Analyzer,

Weyland (20): Tauros, Sealed Vault, Paywall Implementation, The Root, Hive, Caduceus, Beanstalk Royalties, Punitive Counterstrike, The Cleaners, Geothermal Fracking, Vulcan Coverup, Dedicated Response Team, GRNDL Refinery, Ireress, Hostile Takeover, Power Shutdown, Shipment from Kaguya, Shadow, Security Contract Posted Bounty,

Neutral (14): Enigma, False Lead, Enigma, Bad Times, Grim, Mother Goddess, Eden Fragment, Galahad, Hedge Fund, Restructure, Veterans’ Program, Executive Retreat, Interns, Lag Time,