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Mull or Keep #4 - by Miek

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/mull-or-keep-4-by-miek/

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This applies to all of these articles, but I really appreciated how reading this makes me a better Netrunner player. It would be very easy to look at any of those Andy hands with extremely sick economy starts and keep in a heartbeat. But the lesson I’m taking is that rather than asking “does this hand allow me to do something that feels productive on turn 1?” a better question is “does this hand allow me to efficiently advance my game plan towards victory on turn 1?”

I was also pretty amused that almost all the hands had insane economy, and even the two hands that were rated “okay” or “mediocre” had an economic start that most other runners would be jealous of. All the more reason for Andy not to keep a hand just because it makes her rich.

Thanks for the article, Miek!

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In hands 4 and 6, why do you want to discard Passport over Gordian Blade? You are unlikely to need to run against any remote, and Passport is much cheaper to play.


That’s a good point actually that I didn’t think about. Passport probably is more useful, however I’m not 100% convinced that ditching gordian blade is wrong. For a start, we’re not 100% sure that this is CI7 we are up against, and Gordian Blade is more useful against stacked FC3.0. Sometimes CI7 will even rush an EC behind a remote if they think they can score it without you getting in, such as if they know you’ve discarded your Gordian Blade, however the deck does contain Vamadeva so that’s unlikely to be a problem either. The reality of the situation is nuanced and its probably likely as you say that keeping passport might be better.


In hand 3 why do you save a dirty laundry and discard?

In hands 5 and 9 why do you need to discard at all? Am I missing something?

As usual thanks for the lovely article. It’s a very entertaining and educational concept.


For hand 2, would a possible line be 1. Medium, 2. Dirty Laundry R&D, 3. Dirty Laundry R&D, then either Gamble or Strike, depending on what you see coming? Feels like it puts even more pressure on the CI player. It does mean you miss out on possible Aaron counters, but T1 medium can wreck CI, especially if they don’t draw ice.