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Mumbad Bad Cards Bracket - Round 2

No upsets last round. Now the real game begins.

In each pairing, vote for which card you think is worse.

  • Ramujan-reliant 550 BMI
  • Political Graffiti

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  • Harvester
  • Akshara Sareen

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I’m surprised BMI is doing so well against political graffiti. At least, in theory, if you were running BMIs it would do amazingly against a specific deck (kill). Political graffiti is just plain old garbage that helps under no circumstances and fits into no archetype.

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It can theoretically delay the corp for one turn if they IAA an agenda while on match point. BMI only helps against big-damage brain/net damage decks, of which there aren’t all that many. I guess you can run all the Mushind things if you have six of these installed though.

Graffiti single-handedly won me 2 games in draft, fwiw. Biggest issue for me even testing it is !slots.

in the other matchup, what makes a runner card that helps the corp worse than a Corp card that helps the runner?

The runner card that helps the corp helps them actively score agendas in a single turn that they may have otherwise not been able to score. The corp card that helps the runner draws and discards some cards.

If we wanted to conceptualize a corp card as bad as Akshara Sareen, it would probably be a card that gives the runner additional accesses.

Harvester’s actually alright in grinder PE. It’s just that there isn’t much PE atm with Hoppers + all the levies. And various bits of IG tech that hurt too.

Graffitis + Rallies for the win! If graffiti made the agenda worth -1 point instead of one point less, I’d probably have to try that jank. Also if there was some way to prevent the trash from purge, but unfortunately Fall Guys and Saccons or even LLDS won’t work…

I can’t believe it’s between these cards. Especially Akshara Vs Harvester. Why must you pit me against them? Ramujan is the most garbage, political graffiti can stop the Corp from winning, and it has a clear combo with populist rally. Ramujan MAY stop you from losing.

Now, of the other two, Harvester can help the runner, but it’s not easily abusable in the right deck. You can’t just draw your whole deck against a Corp that wants you dead, that’s asking for snare to kill you. Akshara is more surgical of a tool, you can set up some jank with the source and film critic, and you can get rid of her with the price of freedom, a card I might add, that won me the game against NBN. I don’t feel Harvester even deserves to be on this list, since it’s so cheap and taxing in the right deck. I’m expecting Akshara vs Ramujan to be a winner in the case of Ramujan being the most terrible card.


We already had the grand final, and RR5B won

Of course it did. How did I miss it?