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Mumbad Cycle


I got stomped against that deck, turned right around and played it against some weyland to their demise. Sports Hopper would have been 0 problem to play in that deck


Liberated Mind is now shipping!

Guesses on how long until the last few cards of the Mumbad cycle are spoiled? Man it is going to be a long slog until we get our hands on Flashpoint!


ICE - Sentry - AP - Destroyer
Rez 3
Strength 2
-> Trash an icebreaker with no other subtypes.
-> Do 1 meat damage.

“Jump up on my nose. It’ll be much easier to carry you…”


Please be real.


Holy shit, I just want a new Weyland ID. It’s been like a year and a half since Order and Chaos, and that was the last green Corp ID we’ve seen. I guess it’s been the same length since an Anarch ID came out as well, but I’m more excited for Welyand to maybe get something good, you know? I’m going to be a so disappointed if it sucks =(


if a corp is already on 7+ points and the runner has a Blackfile in play, would blanking it with Dr. Lovegood automatically end the game. im guessing it would, otherwise it would be a totally broken combo.


Well, if nothing else we also will be getting an alliance card. I just hope one of the two cards is playable.

Since its probably an alliance operation, I have no idea what it could do. I have a feeling its advancement token stuff. It better be damn good.


If it is an alliance op that has to do with advancement tokens, it’ll probably be better in Tennin anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


What card (s) am I forgetting? If they aren’t a regular subtype, they are usually AI, right? Just a couple of oddballs like gingerbread?


I assume he’s referring mainly to D4v1d, but for completeness, the full list is:

Deus X
Endless Hunger

Wait, not D4 because that isn’t an icebreaker.


Yeah, D4 wouldn’t work (well) as an icebreaker because of strength.


I was replying to Cmcadvanced’s post. :wink:


Just take a moment to savor that taste of new cards, because it could be quite a while until we get that feeling again!


Which was in reply to a Dragar post, so blame him.


Leave me out of this!


Only if you post something super relevant to the Mumbad Cycle thread. This just in, my personal opinion is telling me that I’m super pumped to make the absolute worst nisei division and rebirth decks ever made. Relevance


I wouldn’t be too quick to get on the Nisei hate train. While it isn’t going to be top tier, I think the most potent psi ice ever drops next pack.

That ice + last packs ice + mamba all are actually pretty good for psi ice.

Add some Cerebral Casts and some scorch and you got a stew goin.


I never put Cerebral Casts in my Nisei, as I think it’s a trap. It only has a possibility of helping the scorch plan as a distant possibility and the added credit doesn’t really do anything I think. I am absolutely hyped to play all the psi ice though, I think there might be enough to go heavy on them and try to rush through your pop up windows that occasionally end the run, or do weird things. Nisei rush, with Crisium and Caprice. BOOM


While this may have been historically true on Cerebral Cast, it seems that the way the card pool is going, including tagging simply to snipe key resources is becoming more important. Even if you don’t spend influence on Scorched Earth, is it worth a copy or two as an “anti-evil resource” tech, even if it ends up pretty limp against decks without them?


Not when Voter Intimidation comes out.