Mumbad Cycle

Next cycle has been spoiled!

First Datapack - Kala Ghodra

Looks like we’ve gone from California to India for this cycle and the new Alliance and Consumer Grade hardware are going to mix things up. With what appears to be only 19 cards per datapack to account for I assume 6 copies of said hardware.


100% pumped. Love to see new design space being explored. Also, bigger, but fewer datapacks? count me in.


HOLY CRAP A 3/4 AGENDA!!!shiftone!

i don’t know that i’d ever use PAD Factory (even with 3 PAD Campaigns), but i like the new design space with influence for that, Mumba Temple, and Mumbad Virtual Tour.
i’d probably use Mumba Temple and the Virtual Tour in never advance NBN. based on the description, seems like we’ll see more of these and some ‘you may have 6 per deck’ cards for runners

really interested to see what Deva programs are going to be. Sadyojata sounds like epic shaper bullshit, and i can’t wait to see more.


This pack might have some of the best art in the game ever and we’ve only seen like 13 cards.

Limit 6 per deck


Pad Factory lets you advance anything! Including the upgrade you just installed on Edge of World.


Also Clone Suffrage Movement, as an HB card? Flavor scale is shooting through the roof.

Also Mumbad Virtual Tour. Too cool.


no? Still the same number as always, just that you get 18x3 and 1x6 instead of 20x3…

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Right. Whoops. I always fuck up when they say 60 new cards. smh


Improved Protein Source is a 4/3

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I saw that. I guess FFG needed some way to make Jinteki players think about not playing TFP. What does it say? Place bets now folks?

the original game had a blank 3/4 that was pretty much the best agenda in the game.

i imagine there will be a huge draw back to this like milling/trashing cards or paying credits or gaining bad publicity, limited to once per deck or only one allowed in your score area, or some condition on scoring, like unable to be scored if x condition (must be scored first or last, for example)

Gotta be a drawback of some kind on it.

Maybe it’s worth 4 points to the runner?


The Panchatantra looks like it might be a buffed Paintbrush. I’m intrigued.

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Yeah it looks like it might add subtypes to Ice once per turn? Kit and Quetzal will surely like it.

or the opposite of Medical Breakthrough, and gets hard to advance the more copies there are in score areas (even the runner’s)


Man, that makes for crazy Mushin-noShin shenanigans. Is this a protein source? Or is a plan B that will score a Protein Source?

Yeah, glad to see they’re not going for the money grab on these consumer grade hardware by putting only 3 in a pack. Not that it would bother me that much for this particular one. Card seems terrible. I cannot envision the meta shifting to the point where you’d want to be using 6 deck slots on these.


But they’re only 1 influence each. Imagine getting the full value of all 6 even out-of-faction and still having 9 inf to spare! That has to be good, right??

The 4/3 better be good. Temple looks ok. Nothing else catches the eye.

Just play Paige Piper for the ultimate deck thin!