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Munich 1st Place Tournament Report

Discuss the latest tournament report from Munich here.


Any chance for some tournament stats? Like how many people attended or which factions were represented?

We had 8 people showing up although our community could easily support larger tournaments. Unfortunately, all my testing parters had to work or were on vacation. Looking forward to way bigger Regionals at Munich!

We played 3 rounds of Swiss, followed by Top2 playoffs and a 3rd place match. These are the standings after the Swiss:

PP MP StS Corp. Runner
1 Julian 16 52 35 HB-EtF Gabriel
2 Achim 12 44 27 Jinteki:PE Andy
3 Philipp 12 40 30 NBN:MN Kate
4 Simon 11 34 25 HB-EtF Andy
5 Rupert 8 38 27 NBN:MN CT
6 Tobias 7 27 26 W-BWBI Andy
7 Philipp 3 33 21 NBN.MN Kate
8 Veronika 3 15 22 Jinteki:RP Noise

I was really happy to see basically all runner and corp factions represented at the tournament.

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this wasn´t an official ffg regional tournament, was it? i thought heidelberger (the german publisher) would only allow cards that are also available in german language, which reduces deckbuilding to the core set right now.

I don’t really know. Not allowing cards based on released languages really makes me wonder. We’re playing at competitive level not some kitchentable casual.

For the tournament itself, we got the Crypsis and MMC promo as well as the acryl credits, pretty nice. Also, it wasn’t the official Regional as it says in the title. The official Regional tournament will be in the first week of August.

Ah my mistake, will fix that.

yeah, i do understand their reasoning however. the regionals in germany will have lot of players who where waiting for the release of the german version. all data packs should be released at the end of this month. but right now, running a tournament with all available cards would leave the german players with the core set. as the english cards are imported, they are more expensive than the german versions. so basically, allowing all cards would favor those that choose to buy the more expensive version. of course, a tournament without any data packs would suck, so most regionals were postponed by at least a month. our regional here should have been this weekend.

Also won the Munich Regionals today. So I guess SneakySly is pretty good at predicting results :wink:

Tournament Report will follow. I played HB Rush and Andromeda.

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And I made 2nd place, yeah :wink:

Where did Sly predict the results though?

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I originally said that he won the Munich regionals, but changed it to reflect that it was not in fact a regionals event.

Clearly I was just a little early in my titling. :wink:

Congrats to both of you!

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