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Music while playing Netrunner

Just an idea. I set up a playlist on spotify. Maybe it appeals to some of you. :smile:

Spotify Playlist link

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I don’t use Spotify, but I usually just hear something by The Future Sound of London when playing by octagon. They’re as cyberpunk as it can get.

I really like the artist Parov Stelar or any other type of electro swing. I think it fits the Jank Juke Jazz that the Underway product description mentions. I can see them grooving to it in Wyldside.


Yes me too but I wanted something more into ambient electronics which is more pushing like standard ambient bar sounds etc. But Parov is great!


I’ve just been going back and forth between early 2000’s pop punk and Z’s New Slaves recently.

I listen to Andrew Bayer’s album “If it were you, We’d never leave” a ton while I play. Its the right mix of ambient and electro IMO

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Its not music (just ambient noise), but i spent a few hours deck testing with a mate while playing this in the background:

you can adjust the levels to suit your taste

If you’re looking for more ambient suited to Netrunner, definitely check out ASC’s killer albums ‘Time Heals All’ and ‘Truth Be Told’.

Ben Frost, Tim Hecker and Oneotrix Point Never are also very good.

Uplink OST, Deux Ex OST, Birds of Canada or that kind of music (especially Uplink).

The chirping of Canadian birds or Boards of Canada? :smile:


Uplink is also very good! Like the frozen synapse stuff.

nuff said

Canadian Geese: Live in Ontario

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Was just gonna recommend Tron:Legacy soundtrack when I noticed it made up a decent chunk of OP’s playlist. Interstellar soundtrack and, of course, Blade Runner soundtrack also up there. Rachel’s Song is still one of my favorite pieces of chill electronic music… [drops everything to go rewatch Blade Runner for hundredth time]

I usually listen to a group called Lolis**t while playing/tinkering with Netrunner.

Remember the anime dreams you had in the 90’s? Those hyper-fast, way-too-much-action-and-why-is-her-hair-pink dreams? That’s Lolis**t.

Hahaha, my sister said “Birds, birds”, omg that’s actually Boards :slight_smile:

Nice sharing! I listen to Spotify music offline with the help from Spotify Downloader Mac. Hope it will help you too.

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Can’t get much more netrunner than an actual netrunner album.


And for those keeping up, Mr. Mirror has a second netrunner album. Biofrost Array sounds just like it the card.