My crappy Worlds predictions

Now that the dust from Worlds has settled, I thought I’d compile a Stone Tablet of Shame here, with all the completely wrong predictions I made about the event.

1. We’re never getting another repeat champion: This was in direct response to orbital tangent saying he’s expecting Sokka would do a repeat. I replied that there are a far higher number of great players nowadays than there were back when Dan D’Argenio did a repeat, and given that variance is a core part of the game, that makes it statistically unlikely that anyone else will ever manage to pull off repeat Worlds wins. Guess Sokka showed me on that front. (props to orbs for calling it right too!)

2. HB and Anarch would be the best decks: well, the winning Runner was Hoshiko, I suppose, and nearly half the cut was anarch, but Sable vastly outperformed Hoshiko given she was only 16% of the field but 40% of the cut. And the entire HB faction tanked pretty hard.

3. Worlds would be won by someone who got into the game with System Gateway or since: I made this prediction on the Shadow Net’s WWWWW cause I figured the newer generation now greatly outnumber the oldheads and now was when they’d show us they mean business. However, the entire cut was dominated by well-known names I’ve been seeing around for years. Y’all Netrunner zoomers made me look like a fool! :sweat_smile:

Anyone got their own bad takes and false prophesies they wanna share?