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My Singleton Power Cube - First Session Writeup with Decklists

If you like drafting and want to try out something a little different, then this might be just right for you.

I wanted to share this here, as I got into Netrunner cube drafting because of the great article by sneakysly here. For basic information about cube drafting please refer to the front page section “Cube Drafting 101”.

What´s different?

My cube only includes 1 copy of each card, i.e. “singletons”. I tried to include the most powerful cards from the available pool while mantaining the balance between Agendas/Assets/Operations etc. or Icebreakers/Programs/Ressources. Because the pool is still a little small for this, it doesnt work out perfectly and it definetily only fits 4 players.


I drafted Cyberwar and the Stimhack cube before. I didn´t enjoy Cyberwar very much because it seemed very limited in what kind of decks you could draft with. The Stimhack cube is great on the other hand. It´s well balanced and there´s lots of options. The only thing I missed were some really unfair cards like Astroscript or Account Syphon. I know there´s a point leaving those out because they are pretty much first picks every time but I personally like that lucky feeling of opening a real “bomb”. I also liked the idea of having more information about what your oponents might have. If there´s only 1 copy of every card, you´ve got some info to play with later on in your games, i.e. if you pick that Snare! it´s impossible to hit one later on. It kind of compensates for the unfairness of the very strong cards too if there´s only 1 copy available and makes sure the decks get all different.

Ok, enough prelude, here´s my first version which we tried out yesterday and the decks the people came up with:


How did it work out?

Suprisingly well!
During the drafting there was a lot of “Oh no, there´s so many great cards in this pack, I can´t decide” or “Haha, I got the only copy of this and that!”. The decks were all playable and fun. With different cutting there´s even more potential in some decks I think. You can find the sideboards in the comment section of each deck.

A few thoughts on the decks:

1st place (World Domination!, 12-0)

Great Jinteki style deck. Cutting Restructure seems strange, but he told me that he never got to 10 creds anyway, so it´s probably the right choice. Hunter, Ichi 2.0 and Troubleshooter in sideboard, I guess that´s when you drafted well!

Doesn´t look so strong to me on paper but the result is all that counts. Both Interfaces are obviously good.

2st place (myself, 8-4)

Opened SanSan first pack and was hooked on fast advance. Didn´t work out so well because I didn´t pick up enough 3/2 agendas. Ended up being some kind of mix between fast advance, taxing and program trashing. The individual cards were very strong though.

All the AI breakers and nice synergies between Scavenge, Test Run, Retrieval Run and Overmind, Femme Fatale. Lot´s of RnD multiaccessing. Strong economy. Dont really know why I didn´t win :smile:

3rd place A (2-10)

Astroscript, yeah :wink: Cutting Hostile Takeover seems strange. 2xPrioReq (6 p.), Astro, Napd, PrivateSec (6 p.), Hostile, Gila Hands (2 p.) is probably better. Reminder to self: High pick 3/2s!

Account Syphon, wehaaa :smile: I would have added the Joshua/Data Leak Combo here, maybe Xanadu and aim for some agressive credit denial build.

3rd place B (2-10)

So that´s where my Braintrust (3/2!) and Clone Retierement (2/1) went: To anothers sideboard! Also has Midseasons/Psycho but unfortunately not the economy to support it I think.

Quite a gamble with only 1 breaker each but big thumbs up for playing the stealth suite!

Obviously, the cube still needs some tuning. Apart from looking at the cards which made/didn´t make the cut, here´s a few points we noticed after the draft (not meant to be complete, more like a little brainstorming after the session):

Corp Side:

Grndl Refinery for 20 credits is a nice little boost
Hive is strong when only playing to 6
Program trashing is strong

5/3 agendas except for Future Perfect are not really worth picking over Priority Req
More tag punishment needed (Bad Times?)
More economy? (everybody used Private Contracts)
Shiro isn´t great
Rainbow (maybe Mother Godess instead to buff NEXT and Grails)

Runner Side:

Magnum Opus
(not so many surprises here)

Oracle May needs Motivation (or just cut it?)
Not enough targets for Public Terminal, Prepaid Voice Pad is also questionable
Q-Coherence-Chip (too much memory stuff in general)

Alright, have fun trying it out, it´s definetily worth it! If you do, it would be great if you drop a few lines here about how it worked out for your group or how you altered/would alter the cube.

Happy running!