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NAPD Most Wanted List - *Update July 2016*

don’t flatter yourself. what you built a kate deck once?


That guy never learns. Card text errata for balancing purposes is just wrong, wrong, wrong. First ruined CoC Lcg, then AGoT 1.0, now ANR. GG Damon, gg.


I have just found that in the new tournament rules, it says that a bye gives you 2 wins, but 4 tournament points. Is that an errata or is it for real?

Do errata’d cards typically get changed during a reprinting?

But then how will they re-errata them in the next MWL?


Don’t think so, but unsure. Doomtown had a handy function were they’d print the revised edition of cards in their Saddle Bags (data pack) on top of the normal release, then players had the most up to date text.


I very much disagree. I think meta when Corp is signifficantly stronger is more stale, because people tend to play the very few Runner decks which can keep up. Such as 70% of field playing Anarchs, and most of that being Whizzard, as we have seen in recent months.

Also NEH FA with Astro was way too easy with right draws. And it was keeping many interesting Runner decks outside of meta, because only handful of Runners could really handle it with reasonable percentage. Which is a problem if the deck is 30-40% of meta.

Now of course we still need FA in the game for balance, but I think it is still far from dead. HB FA can be built in 2-3 different variants. And even NEH FA can still be built, although you probably need the bad neutral 3/2, and would be more reliant on Sansan / Biotic…

Also there will be still lots of viable NBN builds based on the tagging and econ denial strategies…


Also makes me think that Merger is maybe a little less bad now that we have Exchange of information?

Astroscript program did not need this nerf.
It could have been a cool 3/1.

Unique, Astro is still auto-include in all NBN decks.
Nerf it to 3/1 + remove from MWL there you need to think about astro integration.

I think reflective cards, aka card that comboes with themselves (so Astro, Wireless Net Pav and MoH) get cheap unique nerf when for this one there was a way better solution. Keep the reflective part but limit its benefits.


I agree, and I think the point about reflexive cards is a good one, but I understand why they don’t want to change the actual numbers on a card. The fewer functional erratas the better.

I’m just gonna keep banging the Core 2.0 drum.


Well, NBN FA players would just change for HB now, instead of sticking to it.

Non FA NEH got an influence boost, by the way. I liked how Astro comboed with Junebugs, now this is over :confused:

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I didn’t notice the meta you describe on runner side here. We had a good mix of Anarch, Crim and Shaper before the changes. I think it will shift to mostly Shaper now, as it was for a long time with PPVP Kate.

But time will show.


I’m broadly in favour of all the changes. People have said most of what I was going to say here anyway, but one thing hasn’t been mentioned which really irritates me. Anyone spot the ‘card clarification’ entry for Punitive?

79 Punitive Counterstrike
• Should read: “If successful, do meat damage to the Runner equal to the number of printed agenda points on agendas he or she stole during his or her last turn.”

Um, that’s not clarification. That’s a functional erratum. Changes the card’s text and the way it works - if I’m not mistaken, it means Punitive now does 3 damage off a GFI steal but only 2 off Merger (thereby making Merger even more unplayable than it already was, unfortunately). Why this isn’t in the ‘card errata’ section is beyond me.


Yeah, I’m already predicting a starring role for Tech Trader in the next edition of MWL Whack-a-Mole.


Wow, that’s actually quite a big change. Maybe it’s more clarification than actual errata but being able to Punitive off of Food is a big deal.

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@TheBigBoy joins the club of D.T.G.T.C.S.M. (Deckbuilders That Got Their Creations Shafted by the MWL).

Previous members of the aforementioned club: @Calimsha with PPVPKate.


I don’t know about that. Given the amount of resources runners like to play, the new spoiled current could become a big thing.

That in itself could just put people off tech traders, with an initial play cost of 3.

Everything but the David mwl is amazing, but David mwl is as bad as astro errata is good.

Gonna be a heavily shaper meta moving forward.


I like seeing David get hit; I think it’s a similar case to Yog. What matters is what other options appear in the new cycle, Null can probably take up some of the slack but we’ll see what else appears.

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Isn’t the opposite true as well- if Corp is weak everyone plays the handful of Corps that can win (like, say, NEH)?