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NAPD Most Wanted List - *Update July 2016*

I can’t judge the effect of new MWL and they released huge amount of change all at once which makes it harder to judge,but now I need to rethink my deck building strategy and possible big meta change,I don’t think this is something bad and to be honest,the sky isn’t falling.

Isn’t the opposite true as well- if Corp is weak everyone plays the handful of Corps that can win (like, say, NEH)?

Yeah, runners being too strong would restrict Corps, too.
But I think on Corp side you have more space for some weird outside the box decks. Like for example when people started to play Cerebral Imaging as a counter to Whizzard.
On the Runner side I think your options are more restricted - you need one deck to be able to handle FA, glaciers, kill, asset spam, etc. If you make your Runner deck too narrow minded, you will loose a lot… If you include some interesting, but suboptimal cards, you will loose a lot.


Glad others think so, too. I was saying at the LGS last night that I predict a polar shift, from 70% Anarch to 70% Shaper. If the MWL updates continue to be heavy-handed, this will always happen. Hope I’m wrong!

Yay for change! Love it.

UK was seeing a pronounced shift to Shaper anyway, this’ll just carry on that trend. Criminal feel like they’re on the bubble though, some new cards in the latest cycle and less yellow Fastro may well see them raise up once more.

Can’t wait to see how things shape up in the next few weeks.


You can still play Wyldeside + Faust + David. You just can’t play it with Clone Chips. Seems fair.


The best part of the Anarch smashing section of the MWL is that you know they have basically no influence used out of faction except for Levy. If they want parasite, no clones for them. I, for one, am happy with the changes here. Astro is perfect as an influence free one of, all the crap with MCH got taken care of, and the absolute most degenerate decks got influence taken away which makes them easier to play in game. If you see breaking news and SanSan, don’t expect a lot of anything else. Except 247 news and EoI.


I think if it weren’t for Exchange of Information, BN may not have quite deserved MWL, although it has always been incredibly strong with both FA and Tag punishment. But the EoI + BN combo definitely pushed the card over the edge.

I think the Astro errata is great. NBN FA will need to get creative, but I hardly think that it is dead by any means. With all of the emphasis on tagging lately in yellow, I wouldn’t be surprised if Psychographics becomes a new (old) cornerstone in FA, if only for scoring out 4/2s.

I’ve been playing Noise with Technical Writers, SMCs, Anarch breaker suite, Atman and no Faust/Wyldside for a while now and have been having decent success with it. (Not a competitive player by any means). I don’t think any of the Anarch changes seem super unfair.

I’m excited to see what our Worlds meta looks like this year.


I think it’s telling that FFG needs to step up Criminal when there is only one Crim card on the MWL


That’s based on @dodgepong’s excellent work:

And it’s not “playing”, but making the top cut. And you’re probably right, since the data was from the middle of June, when the US Regionals were done, but there are still Regionals in the rest of the world. And you crazy Europeans march the beat of your own drums anyway :smile:

@spags will feel bad to be left off this list. He is NAPD’s Enemy No. 1 after all.


PPVP/NEH that I ran at 2014/15 Worlds were smashed by the MWL.

Also, I had some nice yellow dex in the works hit hard here.


I think I’ve heard that the Pawn errata was added in the next reprint. But it takes so long to get the reprints, it’s hard to verify.

You should include Dan here, this update permanently killed RegAss and did a few things to Hot Tubs.

Oh and Dien’s Val is also murdered.

Jeez, they just hate all the cool kids. Netrunner Geeks Facebook group clearly shadow controls the MWL.

The worst of all possible futures


MWL has killed another Valencia deck that I’ve posted :frowning:

Meanwhile, with the update on how games scores (3pts a win), nobody said a word about bye’s 33% nerf (stays at 4 pts).
(hint: it’s either a typo or a good nerf, you choose).

I’ll go for a typo, since if you open the regular PDF (not the text-only one), there is another typo on the Intentional Round Split, saying that it also stays at 2-2 pts. However, in the text-only version the split earns 3-3 pts.

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With D4v1d on the MWL, Sandburg is going to be even more insane.


A lot of anarch decks may play 1 less D4vid, but it’s definitely not going away - they’ll just use deja vu to recur it instead of clone chip. And I think it’s worth springing for D4vid in your shaper decks even though it’s 5 influence now, because you can use it so many times with scavenge and clone chip (or infinite times with Brahman).

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Dont post it then! Duh