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Nashville, TN players

Are there any players in the Nashville area on here? I am a new player and would like to get some practice games in if possible?

Hey, I’m in Chattanooga (there’s about 15 of us down here that regularly play across 3 stores). I am in Nashville about every other week, and would be happy to get some games in. What is your FLGS? I know Outer Limits in Franklin has a fledgling A:NR community.

Hey! Chatt is a bit far for a drive for me unless it’s a store champ maybe. Buy we have game cave in hermitage and game cave 2 in Hendersonville.

Hey, I’m a new guy too but out in Bellevue. All the game stores are clear across town or are relatively Netrunner unfriendly. If anyone is on my side of town and wouldn’t mind a new learning the ropes, give a holler.


This is the West/Middle TN netrunner group on Facebook. I know that there’s a store champs coming soon in the Nashville area so I’m sure you’ll find some folks to test decks with.