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Nasir Meidan's Philosophy


I know I don’t have the time investment that other Nasir players have, but I played about a dozen games with a few different builds the last couple of days and I am lost on this ID.

I cannot come up with any way to make his ID ability something that I can leverage for advantage. More often then not, needing to play around his downside leads me to do bad things or running so poor that I am an easy target for Bryan Stinson or HHN.

The hard fact I keep crashing up against is that Nasir lets the Corp have a huge role in determining the shape of your credit pool.


The appeal of Nasir to me is that he is a setup ID, much like Hayley, Ayla, and Kate, who stands to have a more dynamic early game, because rather than sitting back and installing all your cards, you get a bit of money and slam into ice and either they let you in or you go get what you need to deal with their stuff.

I think playing poor Nasir with recurring credits is the best way to go right now, and that’s going to have a bad matchup against cards that care about what your actual credit total is like Bryan Stinson, HHN, and SEA Source. There are some decent ways to mitigate HHN and SEA Source with silver bullets (though annoyingly not the same silver bullets), though Bryan Stinson is a lot harder to deal with.

I think Nasir is ultimately going to be best as a big rig shaper… to that end, what kind of rig are you building towards, FightingWalloon?


If you read my posts, then you’ll know that I never said he was actually good or well-positioned, or even capable of handling rudimentary Corporate threats. I only spent some time with him for the deckbuilding puzzle, which was very enjoyable in the abstract. Playing actual games with him has brought me back to reality.


I’ve messed with both a Katman/Natman style build and a stealth build.

One version had a lot of hardware and pretty much planned on dropping some sort of threat (HQI, etc.) and slamming into ice as a way to force rezes so he could make money. As you can guess, it did not go well.

I also had an Apoc Nasir, built mostly for fluff reasons, suggesting that he not only found Apex but was somehow tainted by the beast.

I think he is an interesting ID. I just wish he had a little bit of support in the card pool right now. Geist got his toys but Nasir never seems to have.