National Events 2017 (Europe)

The nationals period for this year is soon over, but as an organizer I would like to start the discussion for next year already.

I think that the players at my event (the Nordic Championship in Stockholm) had a good time, but it seems very likely that there could have more players attending if there wasn’t several events held during the same weekends.

Hopefully there is more flexibility now with when we can hold national events, but I still see it as needed from the organizers to make sure they are planning their events in good time. This way it hopefully won’t end up like it did this year.


convince german publisher to make a tournament during a weekend pls.


Think we Germans would prefer that too!

That’s why I did not attend.

In Belgium we depend of the distributor and the other store to know who will held the tournament. Nothing says that L’Autre Monde and I will organize the national next year.

I will not be able to help you in the near future. ^^’

I think that answer is a cop-out!

While I don’t now if I will get to hold the Nordic Championship next year either, that won’t stop me from lobbying for it as well as doing my best to push the distributor into thinking about a possible new timeframe for the tournament. This includes being very clear to the distributor of how this will draw more people to the event and therefor grow the game to create more sales.

I probably didn’t express my thoughts clearly. I’m not able to help in the near future. It doesn’t mean that I will not be able to help at all.

It’s not a cop-out.
However, If you understood me the first time and still think that you know the situation here better than I do (including the relationship between the different stores and the distributor)… Well it doesn’t seems very productive.

While I certainly don’t know more about your distributor or the local stores in Belgium, my point is that it’s unlikely to change much if organizers put it off and say it’s up to the distributors. They will in turn wait for directions from FFG and then we end up with this years mess. If we as a community want the change, then we will have to act pro-active on the subject!