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NBN Advice?

I’m relatively new to the game and I only own one Core and 3 of the 4 deluxe expansions (missing Honor and Profit). I’ve built an NBN deck based on using tags to tax the runner and quickly score out smaller agendas.

If you were going to add cards from data packs, what would swap in and why?

The deck.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I updated the deck just to bring it in line with the new MWL and the 3.1 erratta. So check out Tag City 2.2.

More than anything else, a second core set for the third Astro and second SanSan.

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get Near Earth Hub too from Upstalk too.

You need Jackson Howard almost more than any card mentioned. Project Beale is a nice addition as well.

As for the why, Jackson will make things infinitely better, there’s lots of reasons. As for Beale, you can gain 3 deck slots and lower the density of your deck, and it’ll make astro and sansan better even if you only have 1 core.


What would you swap out to put in the Beale? I’ve found Improved Tracers and Quantum Predictive Model to both be pretty useful.

And what about the Jackson Howard? Moving stuff from Archives seems good, but I’m not sure what to take out. And I’m nervous about going up to 49 cards and needing more agenda points.

What do folks think about Wraparound instead of that Bastion? Or maybe +2 Wraparound, -1 Bastion and -1 something else? Not sure what else?

You could replace a matrix analyzer, 49 card decks play with 15 ice with Mumba Temple already, so that’s a slot. If you really want tracers, you could go down to 2 of them, 1 quantum predictive model (since they don’t do anything when you score it) and go up one Beale. I personally like Bastion, but if you have a bunch of str 4 ice, Atman 4 will eat you alive. In smaller decks you don’t need as many repeat cards to ensure you’ll see them often, so keep that in mind. But definitely put Jackson in, the Rutherford Grid would be the first to go for me, play noise and you’ll see

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3x Jackson is a must pal, you will see this in almost every Corp deck ever made. Because, he’s the best answer to agenda flood. For NBN he costs zero influence too.

Melange may not be so useful since you can’t build a taxing server to protect it, and most people check everything against NBN. People tend to use Sweeps Week from True Colors instead as it doesn’t require a lot of credits to fire.

A second Core Set would be great for Astro and Sansan too. And Midseasons Replacements from Future Proof to trigger your tags for the killing condition. You also got 24/7 News Cycle already that can do it via a Breaking News.

Gutenberg is an excellent trace ice from Breaker Bay. Another one to consider is Wraparound from Fear and Loathing.

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Opening Moves > What Lies Ahead > Upstalk > Fear and Loathing > True Colors.

Jackson is hands down the most important card you can get.
What Lies Ahead contains Project Beale, but more importantly contains cards for any other deck you may want to make. (The other 3/2 Projects for other Corps, as well as Plascrete Carapace for Runners.)
Upstalk gives the next most useful upgrade: Near-Earth Hub ID.
Fear and Loathing gives you Wraparound, which is another great all-around piece of ICE for any deck you may want to make; and is especially good in NBN.
True Colors gives you Sweeps Week, which is definitely an upgrade for the deck, but I’d rank it behind all these others.

Getting a second Core should also be on the docket, I’d do it sometime after getting the NEH Identity, because if you want to get the 3rd Astro/2nd SanSan, NEH will help that strategy more.

One thing to note is that this advice is generally geared towards a Fast Advance or Asset Spam style. You said you’re more on the Taxing With Tags style, which I think means Wraparound, NEH, and Project Beale aren’t as important for you. (Sweeps Week, Jackson, and the second Core are still just as important.)


I agree that you need the cards from a second core set. One thing to consider is buying the cards separately; for example on eBay. I recently checked and you can get what you need to have three of every card for around $47, including shipping. Having a second core is nice, but if you’re on a budget that might be the way to go.

Given that AstroScript just got slapped with a “Limit one per deck” and Breaking News got added to the Most Wanted List, I’m feeling like the second core set is probably way less of a benefit, now.

And, as CrushU mentioned, I’m focusing on the taxing/tagging theme, not just general whats-a-good-nbn-deck. So some of this advice seems… dilute.

Thanks, at any rate, so far, y’all. I really appreciate it! I’m making a data pack shopping list! :smile:

Keep in mind that tagging the runner does not necessarily tax them. They either need to be relying on resources, or you need a way to punish them. Your deck is not doing an especially great job of this, because the runner may be able to just ignore the tags by playing a Plascrete Carapace, and just dealing with the Resistors. You should probably work in 2 Closed Accounts to help with this, or maybe Psychographics. You will certainly want to add The Liberated Mind to your shopping list for Exchange of Information.

An example of a successful deck that fits your theme is here: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/34771/info-refinery-vegas-regional-1st-place-

You would need to find 2 influence to play it now but that shouldn’t be a problem.

@EconoTom: Am I right in understanding that you basically don’t think the two Scorched Earths are enough threat alone because Plascrete is such an effective defense against it?

I’ll have a look at the deck you linked. Thanks.

Here’s another relatively recent successful list if you’re curious to see the direction NBN is going (tags galore). For the new MWL all you’d have to do is cut maybe a Caduceus for some other random ICE and you’d be good. The deck primarily illustrates how good Exchange of Information is, while also discouraging run-based econ. The general consensus seems to be that if you know that you’re facing this, then you can afford to play slow until you have tons of money, since EOI does nothing until you actually score agendas, but if the corp can goad the runner into choosing between letting them score Datapool and stealing it to turn on Midseasons, then you’re in good shape.


You might also be interested in Hard-Hitting News out of 23 Seconds, which is probably best with SYNC, but Making News might be able to make it work relatively well.

Nothing wrong with checking out cards/decks on Jinteki.net either, before you choose to buy packs. You might find that you like decks with Scorch as punishment (if you include ways to get them back later, you can win through a Plascrete). Or you might decide that PsychoBeale is more fun of a combo. “Try before you buy” tends to be good advice elsewhere - why not here?

Indeed, you may need to perform a couple of kill combos to work through the Plascrete. Something like this:



Exactly. Unless you have some way to play Scorched Earth (or another meat damage card) three times in a turn, a single Plascrete plus enough caution to keep 4 cards in hand means the Runner won’t die.

You could try to work in Traffic Accident, but you will need to be able to land more than 1 tag. Midseason Replacements is a way to do this. If you run Midseason, you should probably play 1 Psychographics to give yourself another way to take advantage.

Just FYI, NBN kill decks are usually referred to by references using the word “shop”. If you search Netrunnerdb for using the keywords Butchershop and Convenience Shop, you can find a lot of examples of NBN kill decks for reference. A lot of them will be very out-of-date due to MWL.