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[NBN] Yellow Flash, Full Speed Ahead

I assume the play for Cyberdex Trail works like this:

Click One: Install. Ask if Runner wants to react. Runner installs Clot.
Click Two: Pyschographics
Click Three: Cyberdex Trial, score

But why not Closed Accounts on Click One?

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clots on the table already.

edit: they don’t get any windows to reinstall when you trial, if you purge they get the turn to clone chip it back in play, and you can go in a circle purging every turn til you lose.

Unfortunately, it’s not doing the same thing in different ways, it’s gaming the paid ability windows to sidestep a hard counter.

CA is awesome, I’d play both if I could make it work.

Fair point, but you can at least purge doing that.

I think it’s worth considering if you want the utility cspieker describes along with anti-Clot in one card.


It has the downside of being trashable and giving the runner an opportunity to torch it before you can use it. Biotic can let you start the astro train if you’re down 10 credits somehow, whereas SanSan can’t (they’ll just trash it and you’re back to square 1). Imp hoses both plans equally.

I like the closed accounts call, but each one of these meta/counterplay considerations really starts to drain consistency out of the deck. The original is a beauty of 3-of cards and its strength is its consistency. The more we chip away at it, the worse it becomes in relation to butchershop. Right now, I think Yellow Flash can be better than Butchershop in some circumstances (it’s less prone to bad draws and feels like it’s easier to play under stress) but if you start to remove the consistency, then it starts to get worse in all cases. I think there’s room for a couple considerations, but not much more than that.



I didn’t see the edit. If your point is that it’s not as good as Trial, I agree. It’s Closed Accounts. I think the slot (and it’s the Corporate Shuffle Slot, right?) will basically come down to what you lose most to: agenda flood/R&D lock, deep digs after Midseasons, or Clot.


Yeah, I think there is a lot of 1 of tech you want, I like fast track, corporate shuffle, and closed accounts about the same.


Yup, that’s about where I was when modding the build. It’s a tough nut to crack! Ultimately I think Corporate Shuffle can be skipped since your draw is generally pretty strong and Jackson does a ton of work, but the other two are both game-winners in certain cases.


I don’t use corporate shuffle a lot in my yellow flash deck but when I do it was the right decision. The plan b idea is a nifty way to get around clot. That’s just another card though to add for the psycho beale combo. I might try it out just for fun.

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Plan B doesn’t over-advance, though, keep in mind.

Back to plan A!


Just to make sure we all know what’s meant by plan b, I wasn’t referring to the actual card Plan B. More the idea of having an actual plan b for your deck, plan a being PsychoBeale and plan b being Biotic->astrotrain.

Just to make sure.

My mistake, should not just scan threads without reading more closely.

Part of the reason they’re rotating cards is to prevent all human communication breaking down due to confusion with card names.

Here’s my take on a Haarpsichord version:

Camera Flash

Haarpsichord Studios (Old Hollywood)

Agenda (11)

Asset (3)

Operation (24)

Barrier (5)

Code Gate (3)

Sentry (3)

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Old Hollywood

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

I could see cutting 1x Gutenberg for 1x Closed Accounts, but I have a fondness for Gutenberg.

Explodapalooza is going to be good for this archetype either way, since it’s very aggressive early game, which is probably before Film Critic is going to come out (I don’t expect it to be more than a 2-of in most people’s decks).


Anyone play fastrobiotics out of twiy last year? I tested it but it needed purple transactions to flow easily.

Ill put up a list tonight with spoiled cards.

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I did. I ran 2x BLC over the 3rd Biotic.

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I like 2 biotic 2 blc, feels like raw speed; that’s the only operational change I’d suggest over what @linuxmaier posted.

I started putting cards into a pile and it looked too similar otherwise. I think grim over gutenberg, bioticx2 over archive.

The main question: Does Haarpsicorde bring more for the strategy than NEH, TWIY, or other identities?

NEH vs TWIY comes down to influence, play a bunch of assets and you should just do astrobiotics (less speed more resilience) play yellowflash and your draws are worse than TWIY’s smaller deck and bigger hand. Agenda density is of no consequence to this strategy.

MN I can say the least about, but to use your trace credits you need to survive more runs which probably means more assets, worse ice for the metagame and probably a slower deck (@samrs, please weigh in on this point, since you’ve played more competitive making news than the rest of us I’m sure).

Haarp’s ability is difficult to quantify but it enables plays you can’t make in other IDs which is probably good for scoring astros. Medium immunity is funny, and playing low trashables protects your deck further. Imp and Eddie Kim with film critic hard counter us. Oh no.

I started doing some napkin math and I realized that when you are working with •••• influence cards, there is diminishing returns on influence points from 12 to 17 – the only reason to play NEH in this archetype would be to use celebrity gift and I think BLC is better for a fast deck.

Haarpsicorde is… the best choice for IDs we have right now.

To recap and regarding spoiled cards:

there isn’t any ICE I want really. You run so little ICE in this deck that you only have room for a little gear checking, running 1-3 special offer in place of 1-3 restructures seems good to me. Archangel is cool, but I think it’s too many credits to use in this deck as hand protection.

Agenda Package becomes:
1x 15 minutes
3x astro
1x breaking news
3x explode-a-palooza
3x project beale

Really no disputes there, palooza is a better non-optional credit swing, and I want to live the dream with 15 minutes.

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I think so. Multi-access is a major failing point of Yellow Flash and having the built in immunity is nice (people like leaving early NAPDs in Archives or on the table, for instance, and then run and snatch them up when they steal an Astro or Beale so as to compress their agenda scoring into one turn. Haarp says HAHA No to that strategy).

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Mn is probably good for this archetype, but haarpsichord is going to be the go-to for midseason decks on release

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