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Need a place to sleep for origins 2016

So I’m in need of a place to stay while at Origins, anyone have any way to help? I’m trying to judge, so you’re directly helping netrunner. Just saying

Also of now, I live in Albany NY, so if anyone is going from around there, let me know, will ya?

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The company I work for is based in Troy, so I’m often in that area! I, uh, I can’t help you with Origins, but if you find a regular group in the capital area I’ll start bringing my decks when I travel out there!

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I just don’t want to pay for an expensive hotel, if I don’t have to "hashtag"poor

To be clear, I will help pay for the room, and I’d anyone is going there and can pick me up, I can contribute to gas as well, or even driving.

Thanks to @hypomodern for being the only person to post, and probably read this thread. I no longer need worry about this.

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