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Need to contact Mr Boggs. Greek Nationals with the new card pool

Dear Stimhackers,

Here is the situation. Greek Nationals (unfortunately I cannot attend) are scheduled for 30 of Septrember in Athens. The Greek community would really like to use the new card pool (core 2.0 and rotation), but some people would really like to compete with the same card pool that will be used later on, i.e. with the new MWL.

Can somebody help me in contacting @michael Boggs or someone else just to clarify when the new MWL will be issued? We have already contacted him on FB on his profile but if any other contact info is available, please help.


So, first of all, I would recommend checking the event outline and such about this. It’s possible that FFG is pickier about Nationals being run with whatever’s official at that moment than one might expect. Also, I assume that you have a good enough way to communicate any changes to players that you aren’t worried about someone showing up with pre-rotation decks because they checked the FFG legality info and not your site.

That said, it doesn’t look good for the MWL coming out in time for you.

On the other hand, I’m not sure FFG has said that the FAQ will be released on the first. They’ve said it’ll take effect on the first, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility that it’ll be released before then. So there might be hope, but nothing I would count on.

If you want to try to get more info about the MWL release date, tweeting at FFGOP is probably going to go better than trying to contact Boggs.

My advice would probably be: pick a date. Announce to players that if the MWL is released on or by that date, you will use it, even if it hasn’t officially come into effect by the time of the tournament, and that if the MWL is not released on or by that date, you won’t use it (and perhaps won’t use the rotated card pool), even if the MWL comes out after that date but before the tournament.


Nationals are the highest level of competitive play which is not organized directly by FFG. I think it should use whatever format is official on the tournament day. If clear majority of players want to compete using post-rotation card pool, I would look into possibilities of moving the event to Sunday so that it happens in October, if this is impossible, I would stay with official format.