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NEH is the question. What's the answer?

Hayley with cheap fast answers on smc/clone + clot + sac con is nuts.


Econ denial, ice destruction paired with RnD digs, Turntable, and Clot to name a few.

What does a deck look like? You’ve named a “few”, but how does that actually pan out. Do you think ICE destruction is an important answer to FA?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Apex! Jk, I would consider running the Faust/Silverware package in Quetzal. Her ability complete trumps the NEH play of rushing an Astro behind a Wraparound and it allows for easy Knife runs.

If I had to go away from orange cards, I’d say any shaper with Siphons and Clot.

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Kate with Hyperdrivers can be really strong against NEH.

A Hayley built like this (selfish promotion :stuck_out_tongue: ) Technically Correct Hayley is also strong, especially with the Clot recursion that it can provide.


@ZiNOS has a pretty good Haley deck that is brutal on FA.

SMC, Clone Chip, and 1x Clot supported by Sac Con can be very brutal on FA. The HQI is very important to most match-ups as well, as I learned the hard way. We’ve been discussing it in the Haley thread. The main changes we both seem to like over the list posted on NetrunnerDB is -1 Notoriety for +1 Escher, and -1 Harbinger for +1 CC.

I’ve been testing the deck a lot recently, and I think it is on par with my Noise deck overall, with a decided advantage against NEH FA.


My version skips the 3 inf on harb/cache and with @spags input, I think d4v1d is now necessary since weyland is a possible threat. But yes, sac con with clot in a meta where you’re sure to hit NBN at the top tables is fantastic. I got 4 consecutive purges one game at the first store champs.

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You did not want to hear Whiz, but in my experience Turntable + Medium wrecks Fastro. They can not keep you out enough to stop scoring at least one crappy agenda, do this the turn after they Biotic an Astro and they are pretty far behind again. I have in a number of games swapped their Astro for any other 2-pointer or even worse for them, from their 5 points swap the, down to 4.

It is to the point that I play Shaper with Clot etc and seriously miss the Turntable, Clot is for the symptoms, Turntable is for the root of the evil :stuck_out_tongue:


I played against Blue Sun Glacier with no issue. I didn’t need D4v1d, I just used lots and lots of credits to bust through Curtain wall and 2x Hadrian’s Wall on HQ. 2x Technical Writer on the board with a storm of Cache and Harbinger installs will pile on a lot of credits.

A better answer for late game runs is Escher. Pressure is normally focused on R&D and remote out of shaper, so HQ is not usually so intensely guarded. With Atman, G-Blade, and to a lesser extent Snowball, ICE can be re-arranged to be rather economical to break. It’s not a lock against BS, so just make sure you end the game quickly after you land it.

Even before MWL I felt that Harb was a waste of influence, normally I had a lot more creds than I needed with and pawning Harb is awkward with Hayley.

Much better used towards a D4, not for late game against glacier, since I at that point can already get in anywhere, more for early rush from Fastro (or other rush) behind big ICE. My win rate went up by swapping Harb out.

It is certainly worth considering. What big ICE are you seeing that D4 is working well against?

[quote=“Yoshi, post:9, topic:6977”]
It is to the point that I play Shaper with Clot etc and seriously miss the Turntable, Clot is for the symptoms, Turntable is for the root of the evil
[/quote]in general, I’d say this is true (turntable is nuts, and on its own way way better than clot), but when you bring sac con into the mix it becomes a whole different story. All your FA cards are dead weight and CVS can’t help you. If you don’t come up with something clever in the next few turns against the @x3r0h0ur flavor hayley (for example - there are others doing the same thing tho), the shaper RnD+remote lock gets rolling and all of a sudden you’re up shit creek Add in artist colony and you can find yourself in the same boat as against turntable, where any agenda steal can ruin your chances even further as additional sac cons or clone chips can be summoned at will.

The TLDR to this thread in general though is (whose title should be: “NEH is the question, are there any answers besides Whizzard?”) Hayley. IMO if you’re a fan of green that’s where you should be looking right now.

For criminal… well, that’s a whole other thread, isn’t it? I’ve seen some mean DLR Leela builds recently that sometimes pack gang sign and inside jobs which can put a cramp on NBN if they don’t get the draw that they’d like. Overall criminal continues to struggle though with their regular issues: no good, easy card draw in faction, basically only one good in faction breaker, no in-faction recursion, and the proliferation of siphon-resilient corp econs and tough ice that are cheap to rez and thus not vulnerable to derezzing/forced rezzing mechanics.


Sac con + clot + CC,NEH gtfo.


Put me on the sac-con + clot + clone chip is a nightmare bandwagon. Some people play this in my meta ( along with a horde of dumbleforks ) so corps trying to beat the Anarch-Faust avalanche with NEH (one of the few viable ways) are stuck just hoping to dodge Hayley in the swiss.

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I’ve been trying some of the Greek Hayley, but it’s not been going great. This could be my buffoonery with a new deck, but also possibly because flavour of the month online seems to be Sol more than NEH. I’ll keep plugging away!

I understand Sac Con + Clot, we watched Noah do very well with this at Worlds, looking forward to more rounded answers from assembled forumites, cheers guys!

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I would say any reasonable Shaper pilot with Clot in the deck has as good a chance as Whizzard. With poor draws and RNG Whizzcakes can fall behind, and if the Corp is smart enough to use Astro counters on whatever is available, the win isn’t too hard. Against Shaper it’s much more difficult to score the first Astro behind simple gearcheck, and even if NEH claws to 6 versus Shaper they can’t Fast Track and Biotic a Breaking News to win like they can versus Whizzcakes.

I really think that NEH/FA shines in Swiss but I think there are other decks one would rather play in the cut. That’s just my opinion. I don’t really consider NEHFA the boogie man right now.

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I really agree with this. I would be very happy to bring a generalist deck to deal with the swiss rounds, and then a specialist to deal with the runners that make the cut.

Are there any corp decks you think are the ones to beat or do you think there’s a good general diversity for corps at the moment?

I’d say none of the corps right now are strong enough to focus on heavily. NEH still gets dumped on by Kate and Hayley, they’re both solid against kill as well with the addition of Artist Colony. If you want to beat NEH, Kate, Hayley, Whizz, and Leela should be the runners you’re looking at.


I’m slightly skeptical about Hayley’s advantage against NEH vis-a-vis other shapers, particularly Kate. From my personal experience, she’s been slow to set up and unreliable. People keep talking about sac. con. but most lists I see play 0 to 1. What am I missing?