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Net Quarantine International Jnet Tournament

We are all practicing social distancing right now so come join me for the first and hopefully only, Net Quarantine International Jnet Tournament.

WHEN: Saturday March 28th at 12pm Eastern US Time

WHAT: Standard Nisei Format Swiss and cut tournament with current MWL.

REG: Open till 2 hours before start. Follow this link to sign up. https://forms.gle/y7cjL3rZzAcJY9JL8

This will be streamed and organized through a discord server and slack. I will be posting achievements related to viruses and other fun game elements as we get closer. Please sign up and join us in hanging out together!


Reminder that the tournament tomorrow begins at 12pm GMT-4. The standings and pairings will be here: http://cobr.ai/M94Y. 50 minute rounds.