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Netrunner beginnings - decklists for newbies

Hi guys,
I’m a Netrunner newbie who tries to convince his friends to start playing with him. In order to do so, I want to prepare some fun-to-play decks… you know, not the oppressive pro-decks with highly oppressive tactics, but also not the noobish “I have to dig for five turns to get a Fracter!” decks.

What I want to achieve is to create a deck for each Runner and Corp factions that will nicely interact with each other. Each should be strong enough to compete with all decks from the other side but without putting in too many oppressive (hard to counter) mechanics.

The question is, how to design such decks? Do you have any recommendations regarding identities can card choices?

Currently, I own the Revised Core Set and the Creation and Control expansion pack, but I will buy more to expand my collection.

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If you’re introducing people to the game, it’s a really good idea to stick to simple core set-only decks! The mechanics on those cards are simpler and easier to get your head around, and will make it far easier for you to get your friends into the game! If you need some teaching guides, go to the main Stimhack page and click on the “beginners” category under articles, there’s a few there for you (although some of the recommended decks on them will be pre-rotation).

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