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Netrunner home decor

I’d like to add some Netrunner themed things to decorate my house. I’d like to know what ideas people have!?

I’ve thought of:

Custom drink coasters
Custom beer glasses
Subtle Netrunner themed wall art
I’d love to have a can of diesel sitting around but I don’t know how to make the art to wrap on a can of soda

Anything else?

Custom wallpaper. For the home office: day job.

Custom drink coasters

Playmat on your coffee table

Custom beer glasses

Wrap a playmat round your pint glass for an artsy beer cosy

Subtle Netrunner themed wall art

Framed playmat

I’d love to have a can of diesel sitting around but I don’t know how to make the art to wrap on a can of soda

Can’t help you with that one

Custom wallpaper

LOTS of playmats!


People have gotten prints of card are from the artist. I believe the artists are allowed to sell prints.

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A very large can with a very large playmat with the Diesel artwork on it.

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Humor is appreciated but I was actually hoping for serious answers. Could I be the only guy who wants some cyberpunk decor!? Lol

Im such a trendsetter!

I have a load of MTG artwork, and I will be looking to add to it with some Netrunner stuff. I went on a hunt recently whilst buying my partner the Dinosaurus art, but couldn’t find anything I liked. I wanted the Mushin No Shin alt art, but the artist wasn’t selling it. There’s not too much Netrunner artwork I’ve been blown away by so far. A lot of it is quite literal, and there’s no artistic flair to a lot of it. Mostly just “The card is called traffic accident so here’s a picture of a traffic accident”.

Not all of it is this, of course, and the virtual stuff like ICE is way more appealing to me.

Sorry :slight_smile:
Like people said, a lot of the artists sell prints, and, while they might not have coasters and mugs and stuff, they might be willing to make them or allow you to make them if you contact them!

Unless you have a friend with a $2000 canning line, though, I don’t see you getting those Diesels… :’(

I have a print of the Order and Chaos box art. It’s across three different cards. (Showing Off, Run Amok, and I can’t remember the third) but it’s a panoramic single picture that they just took parts of for card art. I enjoy that one.

Otherwise, ice art is generally the best Netrunner art. And Day Job, because it’s just iconic. Also, if you like Douchebag Putting His Feet On His Desk, Weyland’s got you covered.

Just in time for the new deluxe box: Feet and Fists.

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I mean if you want to look at creepy Netrunner art, the best ones are Brain Cage and Net-Ready Eyes…

I believe it’s Itinerant Protesters, but I can’t see Run Amok or Showing Off on the box art. (I don’t have an actual box, just going off the Google Images.)

Yeah, that’s definitely Itinerant Protesters… I know the art print I have shows more/different than what’s on the front of O&C. I’ll have to look at the print when I get home. My recollection is that Showing Off is on there, but the artist is definitely Adam Schumpert. The only ones that look possible are MaxX herself, Showing Off, Itinerant Protesters, and Snatch and Grab… I’ll look at the print. But it’s cool. :smiley:

If you could put it up here that’d be sweet!

Yeah, Showing Off is on the edge of the original. Other parts look really familiar, but I might just be imagining it. edit: or they might have been used in Worlds of Android

That’s the one I have. I love that art. Only three cards are in the art, MaxX, Itinerant, and Showing Off, but it looks like it could be at least two more.