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Netrunner ID Ratings: Spin Cycle

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/netrunner-id-ratings-spin-cycle/

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Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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Part of the description of The Professor is at the end of the description for HB: Stronger Together.

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I still think Cerebral Imaging should be moved up a tier and Exile down a tier. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good catch! Should be fixed now.

Awesome retrospective. One note: Swarm doesn’t have to be rezzed to advance as stated in the BWBI analysis.

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I’m surprised that RP didn’t make it higher. Modern RP decks strike me as at least B tier, and perhaps A tier.

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I agree, and think RP should be lower A tier, but that’s post-H&P. This article was started right after Double Time, actually, so the full impact of even NAPD wasn’t felt yet.


Why nothing for Noise/Reina/Kit? Seemed weird/arbitrary.

With Honor and Profit I agree with you. This is all pre Honor and Profit.

Unfortunately, this article took a while to assemble, and at this point I just wanted to get it out. No one sent me any writeups for those IDs.

It’s really interesting article. I don’t think there are many surprises in it.

I thought Reina was the only ID to justifiably feel a bit hard done by. Whilst people talk about Whizzard being better on paper, it’s Reina who has generally got the results (insofar as Anarch gets results!) because her ability synergies better with front-loaded economic pressure. And I don’t buy her being worse than Kit. I think Reina suffers a bit by being very closely associated with the Caissa and wonder if that got reflected in the voting.


Kit isn’t played a ton, but she’s devastating in the hands of the right player.

Making News is dominant, but I have to say I just can’t figure out how to build/play it. I need to try a few of the latest tournament lists and see if I can find something that works for me.

Overall, I liked this piece. I’m not generally super hot on the EPSN-style “a bunch of experts rate stuff and we average the ratings” thing – to the surprise of probably no one at all, I tend to prefer “harder” data where it’s available – but the writeups really made it.

I’m pretty sure Stronger Together is, well, stronger (heh) than BWBI and CB at the very least. Looks like the time has come to go on a killing spree with it, like I did with CI previously :smiley:


I think Lag Time and/or Encrypted Login Protocol might help it some. I mean, they’ll help everything, to be fair, but… all it needs are enough decent Bioroids to grind a runner to a halt. I’ve seen some local decks able to do just that fairly regularly, but not enough to be solid-solid.

I think you have to remember, with regard to Reina vs Whizzard, two things:

First, that these votes were tallied at the height of the popularity of things like Untrashable, Red Coats, and NBN, often featuring Ash and/or Drip econ cards in addition to the normal Jackson/SanSan. Whizzard was at a very good spot in the meta at the end of the cycle, just because of the corp decks people were playing. Frankly, I think that’s still largely the case. Not a lot of Weyland, a lot of Assets and Upgrades. Second, that Reina has generally been significantly more popular since her release than Whizzard, skewing the tournament results in her favor.

I think at this point, Whizzard vs Reina is a toss-up. I would have said Whizzard for sure a week ago, but Wooley’s stellar performance with his decidedly Reina deck, I think it’s a close call. However, I would personally agree strongly with you, that both of them are better than Kit, (A runner I could never for the life of me make work against a corp who stacked their ICE shrewdly).


Wow, that was a nice all-star team :wink:

Nice write up.

poor Professor ^^

They considered an astrix: does not apply if you’re Sirprim :wink:


Great article! Thanks for putting it together.

Makes me want to go build a Professor deck though, just for fun.

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