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Netrunner Nordic Championship Finals Game 1 – A Detailed High-Level Analysis

Discuss the latest article by Orange Devil analyzing the recent Nordic Championship games.



I really enjoyed just how deep the analysis went. Generating that for every single turn of the game is really difficult, and it’s easy to burn out. I was impressed.

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Sweet mother of god, well done. I wish I had the time and motivation to write such an in - depth article. I always start and lose focus :confused:

Wow I feel very honored that one of my games is being analyzed by such a good player. I was the corp player in this game. I might be able to answer questions on any plays if anyone is interested.

When he played Inside Job on turn 5 I was under the impression that it cost 1 credit to break subroutines with Faerie. Was it not a very bad play on my part to rez both my pieces of ice on that run? In my defense I was very tired after a long day of playing and I had not played much vs or with Farie before ^_^.

Anyway after the game I was convinced he didn’t run any sentry breakers other than Faerie and Crypsis but he said he ran 1 Femme if I remember correctly.


This was a great article. It’s always a privilege to have some insight into the thought processes of top players as they see a game unfolding.

Thanks for posting this!

This analysis is interesting, but has some mistakes-- most notably claiming that Troubleshooter and Ash are mutually exclusive! In point of fact the deck archetype that the Corp was using is commonly seen with 2-3 of each (I believe one of these decks won a Plugged-In) and being confident that one or the other is not present when it actually is can cost you games.

I feel things like this emphasize the extent to which Netrunner is not stable enough metagame-wise for aggressive deck prediction to be beneficial.

That said, the gameplay analysis was generally extremely on point. I’m glad to see articles like this because they highlight the strategic depth that Netrunner has to offer. Looking forward to the next article in the series!

mind = blown.

I hope that this doesn’t come off as critizising, but wouldn’t it be easier to do an audio overlay instead of writing that huge wall of text? I usually feel talking less exhaustive than writing, but I’m not sure others feel the same.

I for one vastly prefer reading text to watching a video for such matters.


Awesome post, created a stimhack account just to thank you for taking the time to write it! Really enjoyed the turn by turn analysis and your points about reading the opponent’s deck type (and probable influence spending). Assuming everyone is running snare is something I am definitely guilty of and something I need to shake.

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Wow, this is amazing! I signed up here just to reply.
I’m the runner in this game and I know how badly I played.
This was my first tournament and I didn’t came as prepared as I wanted (exam week), it was a really long day and I was pretty tired in the finals. I gave too much respect for tag & bag, most likely because I got scorched two times earlier in the tourney after being super aggressive and scoring 4 points early. My turn 3 and the caduceus traces was just bad miscalculations.
Overall I’m happy with my performance in the tourney, my Gabe went 5-3 and my HB 6-2, only dropping this match. How unfortunate that the match I played the worst in was the finals, hehe.
I spotted many of my mistakes as they happened in game or watching the VOD, but I love how deep you go in this analysis, pointing out things I’ve never thought about. Can’t wait for game two!


Slin: Archer would have cost Faerie 4 either way, but I got the impression when he Special Ordered for Faerie later on that you weren’t too familiar with the card as you took a while to carefully read the copy in archives. It’s hard to say if it was a bad play to rez those ice. It sure gave him a lot of information and cost you the Hostile Takeover in exchange for only 4 credits and the Faerie on his part. On the other hand, it did afford you a very solid remote and getting rid of Faerie even at cost is often the right play, as they just do so much damage if they start heavily influencing your play without killing themselves.

It’s very unlikely for someone to run just Faerie and Crypsis for sentry breakers, especially when they then discard the Crypsis. While Ninja can totally work well with Faerie because Faerie’s weakness is small sentries, mostly I still see Femme due to the dual use of taking out another big ice as well. The downside of Femme is the expense though, so if you can keep the runner poor, as you did, that 9 install cost becomes a problem. Either way, you should get more familiar with Faerie because it is an awesome card and I guarantee you you’ll see a lot of it at Worlds.

Kingsley: I haven’t seen any decks run Troubleshooter and Ash and Roto myself, and it seems like that would preclude at least some big ice like Tollbooth or cut into the operation economy. Also, if you’re going to get this wrong, getting it wrong in favour of believing your opponent is running Troubleshooter over Ash seems preferable from the other way around.

Sirprim: When I wrote this I didn’t have the ability to do an audio overlay, but in either case I don’t think it’d work well as I often had more to say than the games video time would allow for.

Siegl: Glad you liked it. I was a little worried I might come off as perhaps too harsh especially at you, so it’s good to hear you didn’t take it poorly.


Game 2 is up.

Awesome write-up from OD, the winner made me feel abit better after I got thrashed in the streamed semi-finals!

It wouldn’t surprise me if the finalists had some deck information about their opponent going into the games, the tournament only had abit over 30 players and space was cramped so scouting was hard to prevent. I don’t think they play eachother in the swizz though.

For anyone interested most of the influence in the Kit deck is shown in the semi-finals.

Orange_Devil: I thought it cost 1 to both pump and break with Faerie. I now have a bit more experience with the card =).
Ilza: I knew nothing about either of Christian’s decks before the finals.
For anyone interested the corp deck being played has the following features:
No Scorched Earth.
Agendas: 3 Hostile Takeovers, 3 Government Contracts and 3 Priority Requisitions.
Influence: 2 Toolbooth, 3 Rototurret, 2 Troubleshooter, 1 Ash, 1 Successful Demonstrations and 3 Green Level Clearance.
Over the course of the tournament it worked out OK for me. I won 2 games clearly. I lost 1 game decisively and I lost 2 very close games. 1 where he found two 3 pointers on the second to last turn from an all in with 1 interface on R&D and 1 where I miscounted and the runner was able to break trough with 0 credits left for the win. In the 2 first games of the top 8 I won both on turn 1 with a Hostile score due to 10-0 runner wins.

Ilza: I too had no idea what he was running, I was trying to scout as little as possible :wink:

I have posted my decklists as well as my thoughts on game 2 in that thread.

Great, great, GREAT stuff. I’ve never seen such an in depth analysis of the match. What goes on in the mind of an experienced player, what to do, what not to do, etc. Perfect for giving me that shove in the right direction. As an old-time MtG competitive player and then long time no-nothing player, I was struggling to see what kind of things I should be on the lookout in Netrunner. This has given me a huge insight. I’ve bookmarked the whole page, and will keep a keen eye out for the content.