Netrunner on Twitter

Normally I head over to Twitter and click on “Latest” on my feed. Past few days it seems like the same sentence in Spanish being pushed out by over and over again. Has Netrunner be haxed on twitter?

I sense some Spear Phising going on or something like that. Also I have no idea why Bear Ears is trending.

This sort of spam is very common on Twitter, a million bot account spit out the same content with popular terms (so that it comes up in searches like yours) and links to a shopping site or scam.

And Bears Ears is a national park in the US that was drastically decreased in size to facilitate drilling. In other words, current events.

Looked up the article, it doesn’t seem to be a scam or shopping site. Could just be that they have sketchy marketing practices or something.

They do seem to have stolen the third image from Flickr - the person who took the image gave it a CC-BY license, but I don’t see any attribution. But the first image appears to be original.

Incidentally, it seems Google Translate has gotten shockingly good. Not perfect, but much better than it used to be.

Spanish player here:

Xataka is a science/technology/nerd stuff web that posted an article about Netrunner few days ago (It was yesterday?), It is a well known web here in Spain so that’s why that article appears so often named across twitter.


It’s simply a Spanish website that wrote about Netrunner a while ago. Bots and news account have been retweeting it lately