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Netrunner Sealed


I like the idea and I’m thinking too of running an event.

Is there anybody who can give some feedback about your experiences? Does & Don’ts?



anrsealed.com has been updated with the Stimhack Cube. Have good Sealed ^^


Can you explain what that means? Sounds interesting but I don’t know what to expect considering the format.


The Stimhack Cube contains less but only good cards than the anrsealed Cube. The games should be more aggressive and dynamic.


So you are saying instead of all cards, you could take the Stimhack Cube as a base for selecting cards? Which as a result reduces the card pool to a draft cardpool instead of the standard card pool?

Interesting and I like it!


Yes and to go deeper, here is the different cardpools that you you can choose in anrsealed.com :

  • The anrsealed cardpool that contains the maximum of playable and enjoyable cards (~600 Corp cards, ~500 Runner cards) but with banned cards (very bad cards, very broken cards, cards that combo too much with others cards…). I recommend to use this cardpool.
  • The Stimhack Cube (320 Corp cards, 320 Runner cards) as we can find it on this forum.
  • All the cards (~1500 Corp cards, ~1200 Runner cards). I don’t recommend this cardpool but if you really like to use all cards you can.




We played a small tournament to freshen up our meta (5 ppl).
It was fun to play and really reminded me of the old days when ANR started, when there no archetypes and facechecking was much more dangerous. Single accesses on centrals and remote camping. Crazy ICE and sudden death.
My favorite moment from this tournament: killing a runner with PriSec (thanks, Faust!)

I really appreciate the format and recommend it to everyone who likes the deck building/playing challenge.


so is the idea that you just build with what you get? Or is there a drafting step as well?


You just build with what you get!


You get a list of cards and then build a deck, ignoring all influence cost. So you could have Astroscript, House of Knives, Fairchild and Ice Wall in one deck. This of course makes your deck really inpredictable and surprisingly fun to play.


Sorry to exhume this thread, but there’s going to be renewed interest in alternative formats for A:NR, so extant things like ANRSealed are nice to see.

Does anyone know whether the people behind it are planning to update it for Kitara (and later, Reign & Reverie)?


To answer my own question, v2.12 recently updated for the Kitara cycle, so yay! Fingers crossed for Reign & Reverie.


…and now, v2.13 supports Reign & Reverie.


This will be very useful. Thank you.


Just stumbled upon this website. This looks super sweet and totally fun to play – especially with the end of FFG-supported Netrunner on the horizon. It’s a format that encourages to explore the card pool I think, without converging on the same played-out archetypes.


Another sweet little aspect of ANRSealed is that it is open-source, both for the code and the card pool constraints:

So, if for whatever reason they stopped maintaining it, or didn’t feel up to supporting putative new NISEI cards, the community could still step up and continue without starting from scratch.


What’s the history of the IDs? Do they change often Where’d they come from?

I’m asking because I’m a core developer on Jinteki.net and NRDB, and we’re considering adding them to both. If they were to be added, we’d have to find new art and I’d prefer to have some sort of attribution for whoever designed them.


TIL what putative meant. Hooray for vocabulary! Hooray for google!


Hello, I am the one who developed anrsealed.com, with the help of an old Netrunner player.

The ID’s arts have been found on google image, and are not my own. I have no rights to use them. The Corp ID is a tribute to my friend who wanted to recreate a sealed format as in the original Netrunner CCG. He is from Paris and sells board game from the website given by the name of the ID. Paris + Cyberpunk = The art of the ID. The Runner ID is a tribute to my daughter Margaux who was born with lots of dark hair when I created anrsealed.com. The art is a character from Gorillaz and now my daughter looks like this character ^^

The effect of the Corp ID is a tribute to the old Netrunner CCG where the Agendas points were 18 points for 45 cards. The Corp has one agenda less than in the base game because the algorithm doesn’t mandatory give “Jackson Howard” cards to the Corp.

The ID’s are optional to play ANR sealed. You can implement the format in Jinteki.net with blank ID’s if you don’t like the effects of the ID’s.

Now the game is ended, I want to add 2 new optional options (that are optional ^^):

  1. Generate a random deck instead of a random list of cards. You generate the deck, you don’t build, you just play with the generated deck. I like this new fashion of Unique Deck Games (Keyforge !!!). It will be an option, if you want to build a deck from a list of 85 cards, it will still be possible.
  2. Filter cards for newbies. You can choose this option to use only cards that are pretty simple for new players.
    With the 2 options checked, you’ll be able to generate pre-built random decks for new players. They have not to build a deck, and the cards in the deck will be quite simple. Tell me if you like these ideas.

Feel free to add this format in Jinteki.net. The generated files are already importable into Jnet. I think that a simple link to anrsealed.com could be a support of the format in Jnet ^^