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Netrunner Sealed


Good effort with anrsealed. It looks like an interesting format. I think completely random decks will be pointlessly bad and no fun to play. But if you have a formula (or a few formulae) that you build decks randomly to that could be fun.


The generation for decks or sealed packs is not completely random. The algorithm creates payable and interesting decks.


As someone who is interested in this kind of thing, would you be able to explain the random deck/pack generation algorithms in more detail?


Of course ! All the source code of the website and the algorithm is available on github : https://github.com/Salem2612/anrsealed. The algorithm is based on a selected card list and constraints to meet. The main goal of the algorithm is to generate playable, interesting and fun Sealed packs.

The card list

  • The card list is here. Every one can comment it to suggest changing: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iODcruMiN18QsMhlUhh8vzwSrZUXHVB_TKxhVQNRNdM/edit?usp=sharing
  • The card list defines official and unofficial types about the cards.
    • You know the official types: OPERATION, EVENT, ASSET, BREAKER, KILLER…
    • We also added unofficial types:
      • The 3 main unofficial types are BAD, COMMON and BROKEN.
        • BAD is for unplayable cards in Sealed format. Maybe the card is just bad, maybe the card only works in combo with other cards and this Sealed format is not based on pre-formatted combos as in the base format.
        • COMMON means that the card is quite balanced (good enough, not too good, and mainly not too bad) and interesting to play in Sealed format.
        • BROKEN was made for very strong cards, but I realized that it mostly contain multi-access Runner cards, and Fast-Advanced Corpo cards. Maybe later I will change these types.
      • Then there are other unofficial types as ECO (for cards that give money), DIRTY (for cards that give surprises to the Runner ^^), TAG (for cards that give Tags) and BAG (for cards with which the Corp uses the Tags to bother the Runner), PUMPABLE (for breakers with an ability to increase strength and an ability to break subroutines. These are the basic Breakers that the Runner will have so that its deck will be playable).
    • For example:
      • “Hedge Fund” is marked as OPERATION that is an official type, and also as COMMON and ECO because the card is good enough to earn money.
      • “Neural Katana” is marked as ICE, SENTRY, and also as COMMON and DIRTY because in Sealed format where there is no faction the Runner never know if he is playing against Jinteki cards ^^

The Constraints

  • The algorithm must meet Constraints to generate a valid Sealed pack or deck. The constraints are given in the file “anrsealed/www/json/v2.13.0/constraints.json”. The constraints lead the algorithm to generate playable and interesting packs, not completely random packs. For example, the Sealed pack (85 cards) of each Runner must contain:
    • 0 IDENTITY cards because with Sealed packs we don’t use Identities. In the next Deck generator, I want to add the IDENTITY cards, because they are a big beautiful part of ANR. (HB1 and Kate will be banned ^^).
    • 70 COMMON cards, 10 BROKEN cards to spice the meal, and 5 BAD cards for maybe holy tricky combos.
    • Among these 70 COMMON cards, there are nested Constraints:
      • At least 12 COMMON ECO cards to ensure that the Runner will be rich enough, and will not just click for credits all the game.
      • At least 3 COMMON PUMPABLE FRACTER, 3 COMMON PUMPABLE DECODER and 3 COMMON PUMPABLE KILLER cards to ensure that the game will be playable for the Runner. With breakers and eco cards, the Runner can start running and stealing Agendas.
      • 25 or less COMMON PROGRAM cards. Without this limit, the Runner Sealed Pack can be full of Programs that is not fun.
      • At least 2 COMMON CONSOLES. The consoles are an important thing in the Cyberpunk literature, and also in the ANR gameplay.

Same kind of Constraints are for the Corp to ensure that the deck will have enough Agendas, money, ices, and End of the Run Ices. The algorithm also gives DIRTY cards to add bluff and surprises. TAG and BAG cards because it’s also an interesting and fun way to win for the Corp.


This is great. Just what my local group have been looking for.
Any chance of adding the MO cards? And Nisie when they are released?


I will soon add Magnum Opus cards, then NISEI fan cards when they will be released.


@Salem I would really love the idea of generated decks. If this works it would enable another way to play the game. Without the deckbuilding aspect!
Please please do this.
There is also a reddit discussion, where people ask for such a thing:

It could enable a more casual tournament (or other) format, where you can show up without preparation of the meta!


The work is in progress… Maybe landing next week… ^^


Hello there,
The version 3.0 of anrsealed.com is now available. It adds 2 pretty big features:

  1. Type of players:

    • Select Hackers if all the players know ANR. This option picks among all cards selected by anrsealed.
    • Select N00bs if 1 or more players discover ANR. This option picks cards among a selection of pretty simple cards (I didn’t say bad, I said simple).
  2. Deck generation Mode

    • Call it as you want: KeyNet, NetForge… but play ANR as you play KeyForge: Without building.
    • This option generates a Sealed Deck for each player instead of a Sealed Pack. Generate your Sealed Deck, you don’t have to choose cards nor build, just play right now !
    • Beta: This option is still in beta test. The distribution of cards is in progress. The main issue for the moment is that the Agenda points of the Corp Deck are not checked. The algorithm just pick 9 Agenda cards for each Corp Deck without counting the Agenda points. Deal with it, I’ll fix it later.
  3. You can even mix the 2 previous options to generate Sealed Decks for newbies ! They don’t have to build, just play with simple cards !

  4. Magnum Opus cards are also available.

I hope you’ll like these new features ^^

Forthcoming features:

  • Checking Agenda points in the Deck generation mode.
  • Refine and Rename BROKEN cards to keep the cards that are part of the identity of ANR: Fast advance Corp cards (2/1, 3/2 Agendas and clicks gain). Multi access Runner cards (RDI, Legwork… ). Bypassing Runner cards.