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Netrunner Season 2 tournament at Astonishing Comics and Games in Sharonville/Cincinnati, OH

Hey Netrunners! Come to the first ever Netrunner tournament this Sunday(13-Jul-14) with registration starting at 11:30 and play starting promptly at 12:30.

Format will be Swiss with the possibility of a cut to top 4 or 8 depending on the number of players.

Prizes will be from the Season 2 2014 kit. First place will receive the Alt Art Jinteki: PE and the Deep Red Play mat. 2nd place will choose their prize from the remaining Jinteki ID or the two deckboxes(Reina Roja or Pop-up Window). 3rd place will choose from what is left of those three and the remaining prize will be randomly given out. Every player will receive an alternate art Aesop’s Pawnshop.

Entry fee is $5. In the unlikely event that Upstalk is in stock at the shop it will be legal(quantity may be limited).

Here is the store info: http://www.astonishingcomicsandgames.com/

Thanks to eric_c for the awesome image.