Netrunner Timing Structures - Paid Abilities, Priority, and Turns - The Métropole Grid

Hey Stimhack forums. It’s been a minute. It’s great to see this place back in action.

I put together a video going over the basics of paid abilities, conditional abilities, and the structure of turns.

If there any particular Netrunner rules topics or practical examples you’d like to hear more about, drop me a comment. I’m looking to put together a follow up video with more practical examples and additional rules questions. Cheers!


#BlastFromTheFuturePast :smiley: :wave:

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I watched the video only to discover that having watched like 8 Metropole Grid streams, 4 Bridgeman streams and a couple of Sokka streams lately, meant I already knew 90% of the content :stuck_out_tongue: It should still be an extremely valuable video for people who are getting into the game and would like to delve deeper! Thanks for the video! :smiley: