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Netrunner tunes - Always Be Running I & II 50% off!

It’s the last Bandcamp Friday of the year, so I’m knocking half off ABR I&II this weekend with discount code ‘merrynetmas’:

If you missed them first time round, Always Be Running I and II are my instrumental electronica albums directly inspired by the awesome world of Netrunner, with each track representing a different card from the pool. They’ve been used as backing music in live-streaming NISEI events, and could provide the ideal ambiance for your own games!


I ask you today to put some advancement tokens on these lovely Entertainment agendas, discount or no discount, so we can ruse @steviemac2000 into running towards his music-making gear once more for ABR III :slight_smile:

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Thanks Exile :slight_smile:

I can confirm that ABR III is an agenda I am actively advancing to score in the new year :grinning: