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Netrunner Variant

Is there room with all the cards in the game for a format that wants only singleton cards? I think it’s time for a new format to hit this game, something like EDH in Magic, but more fun (burn). I think there’d be an issue with economy cards, but it’s not like there can’t be rules to make this kind of thing work.

Any ideas would be better than me stewing about how to make the more interesting cards in the game come around more often. Maybe something that limits the types of cards to put in your deck, that’s not necessarily something like singleton. Maybe some kind of format that prefers one shot trashable programs, and lets you use up to 5 clone chips in your deck, but no parasite? OPEN YOUR MINDS

Who wants to brain storm up the future of netrunner with me?

highlander is my fav format in almost every game. i had nbn highlander deck some time ago and it worked well against ‘consistent’ and ‘tier 1’ gabe: plenty of nasty suprises :wink:
all fails tho if noone will want to attend tournaments in that format, so i built it just for fun. wonder if there is more broad interest tho.

id say pauper/bushi is another thing, but here there is no rarity.

idea for a new format: restrict (meaning max 1 copy in deck) top 10 most popular cards from each faction.

There’s a lot of room, but a lot of needed structural work needed, for a multiplayer variant. I’d love 4 player netrunner. Keeping with the asymmetrical nature of the game, one side is going to have significant rule tweaks compared to the other. Giving the corp more clicks to do things seems pretty awful, but how about the runner? maybe the team runners would have 6 clicks to spend during a turn, or 5 and a mandatory draw? The team could figure out how best to apply their clicks. If it was two players, making one combined rig, there’s all sorts of possibilities for formats. Maybe have one deck be a supplier type deck, of sorts, and the other deck be the operator. Example, one deck has mostly resources, and economy and stuff, where as the other just has programs, and events that do things. Formats where you have a build a specific deck have a lot of potential for opening up a game, as you’d have many different considerations than making a traditional constructed deck. Or how about a format where the runner/corp start with specific cards on the table? That’d be neat.

Well, I had great fun yesterday playing multi-ID decks like this one (TLDR: a deck that is legal with IDs from all factions), except I only had one ID per faction and didn’t spend my influence equally. I actually ended up winning all three games (2 corp, 1 runner) against normal decks.

At the very least it’s a fun deckbuilding exercise. The problem with that as a format is that the decks might end up fairly samey.

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I managed to get a big sell out game once (2v2 with a runner and corp on each side) we weren’t expecting to play BSO thou so they were our normal decks at the time.
There’s an article about a tournament (from Oct 2013) right here on stimhack which has a link to the rules (probs not the most up to date copy of the rules but still it’s a start).

It’s good fun and has a couple of interesting interactions (runner is a server, passing money around, flashrezzing ICE, etc.)

Here’s a link to the tournament for those interested: http://stimhack.com/tournament-report-the-big-sell-out-invitational-at-raygun-lounge/

In L5R there was a variant where your Stronghold (ID) was an amalgam of all of that clan’s (faction’s) Strongholds. It’s fun imaging that for Netrunner.

For example, Criminal would be:
1 Link / 40 card min / 17 influence
You start with a hand of 9 cards
Whenever you make a successful run on HQ gain 2c, and you may expose a card
The first time each turn you play a run event gain 1c
When your turn begins, if the corp has agenda points than you, gain 2c
Whenever an agenda is stolen or scored return an unrezzed card to HQ

OK, how about…

Haas Bioroid:

Nevermind, Custom Biotics makes that blow.

NBN: 40/17
Your maximum hand size is increased by 1.
Whenever you create a new server, draw 1 card.
2 recurring trace credits.


So obviously, we need Weyland.

Gains 1 for each transaction operation
starts with 10 and a bad publicity
1 recurring credit for advancing ice.
then the blue sun ultimate ability of power and despair.

Garbage, and I’m not even dignifying what this deck would look like.

Would you want to play against?

The Runner cannot run on remote servers. Ignore this ability until the end of the turn whenever the Runner runs on a central server.
Each player needs 1 fewer agenda point to win the game.
When your turn begins you may place 1 advancement token on a card if the Runner did not make a successful run on his or her last turn.
The trash cost of all cards is increased by 1 for each face down card in Archives.
Whenever you and the Runner reveal secretly spent credits, gain 1.
Whenever an agenda is scored, do 1 net damage.

So obviously we need to come up with Criminals vs Jinteki: The Ninja Transmission.
That’s just an off the top working title.

Frankly I’d include the O&C Weyland and Anarach ids into the mix to diversify the field a little. One of my favourite things about this hypothetical variant is that NBN doesn’t come out with the best (for once)

Also, that Jinteki amalgam scares the bejeebus out of me.

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So everyone in this forum should collaborate on the ultimate jinteki 49 card list, and ultimate criminal, 45 card list.

I’m glad we agree.