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Netrunnerdb.ca is up and running (for now). Still needs some tweaking but I’ve updated it to include all of First Contact.



A million hugs and kittens for you kind person

I applaud the effort, but I personally would’ve held fire until FFG published their acceptable use guidelines. The community and FFG are still going to be sensitive over the jinteki.net/netrunnerdb thing and we don’t want the AUG to be overly defensive and restrictive.


I don’t understand why people are putting these clones online. You’re all basically spitting in the face of FFG, and daring them to do something about it. They asked to have the site taken down, and the owner complied. They have also stated that they are working on a fair use policy for their content. By doing this, you are just asking to have them come down harder on everyone else.

Do I wish NRDB was still running? Of course, it was an amazing site. But I don’t want to see more people punished and more sites taken down because fans can’t be patient enough to find out what their acceptable use policy is and whether they are crafting a response to what happened. They may be waiting until after the AUP is crafted to make a proper response. After this greater push back, I wouldn’t blame them for canning all of the deck builders and making OCTGN’s life difficult.

Sometimes people just don’t know when to cut their losses and regroup. SMH.


Nothing stopping me from changing my site once (if) the Acceptable Use Policy is published. If FFG feels like sending C&D, then they are more than welcome and I will certainly comply - as will all of the rest of the netrunnerdb installs I’ve seen popping up, I’m sure.

Don’t care to debate. Use the site or don’t. Deck construction is currently broken anyway, but the glorious card-lookups work!

I’m not sure I completely agree. I wouldn’t go through all the trouble to build a clone site when we’re close to seeing the AUG as you said, but not because it will upset FFG. What you’re saying makes FFG sound like an abusive authority figure who is making decisions based on how pissed off it gets. I hardly think that’s the case.

What putting up clone sites does is show them that we are unwilling to accept the current situation. Streaming music services probably wouldn’t exist if no one had pirated a single MP3 and had just kept buying CDs in the early 2000’s. Instead, the rampant piracy showed the recording industry that it had to adapt to the public desire for a different content delivery system or die out. Of course, that is a gross oversimplification of that situation, but my point is, sometimes you don’t just vote with your dollars, you make your point with your (non-violent) disobedience. FFG is smart, they aren’t going to declare all-out war on fansites, and they’ve probably already seen the effects of this first C&D business.

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We are patrons of their product, not their serfs. We are entitled to a decent deckbuilder.


My thoughts exactly. I don’t get the whole “you’re gonna make them more mad if you keep doing what you want here” sentiment. I want a good deckbuilder and card-lookup site. CardgameDB blows. NetrunnerDB is open source (but hella complicated – damn Symphony).

If FFG/CardgameDB puts something worth while together, I’ll be first in line. Till then - this.


I cant seem to access it. Getting the following error:

You are not allowed to access this file. Check app_dev.php for more information.

Yeah. Managed to break things at the moment.

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Hehe no probs. I used to be a web developer in my dark past! Feels like witchcraft some of the time.

It should be fixed now. I think mobile browsers are still having trouble.

Nobody is entitled to a decent deck builder. We do deserve one though.

I can appreciate everyone’s point of view. I’m just the kind of person who would rather wait and see what FFG’s response is and code accordingly.


Let’s agree to disagree and not make this into a bgg madhouse


This reminds me the piratebay.com domain name blocking at ISP by court order in many countries. Many other websites were created and just redirected to Piratebay. It demonstrates how futile it is to try to enforce outdated practices in the digital world. It’s better to offer a proper solution such as Spotify, Netflix or iTunes instead of not evolving with technology and coerce people.


Given it’s open source, it’s incredibly frustrating that FFG aren’t just hosting NetrunnerDB themselves.

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I may disagree with @Dstinct but I have faith that stimhack would not devolve into the hot garbage that bgg/netrunner geeks routinely does.


There’s no reason to let a conversation devolve into the mess on BGG. If this “civil disobedience” gets FFG to hurry up with the AUP then perhaps its a good thing. We should be able to debate opposing views without it turning into a shouting match.

I’m just glad the Netrunner Lookup plugin for chrome is back up. Autocard anywhere is great for Magic, but its Netrunner module is brutal.