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NetrunnerDB down

Is anyone else having trouble accessing netrunnerdb.com? Does anyone know the individual who runs that site?

Maybe he heard rumor the Chronos Protocol tour was moved to the US.

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Lysander, your kidding right? I missed the Plugged in tour and i would LOVE to participate in Chronos!

but in all seriousness, i kinda need my saved decklists…

hope its moving to new hosting to be fast and stable.

Yes, I am kidding :smiley:

But yeah, I need access to my decks too :l

Both Meteor and now Netrunnerdb seem to have trouble to manage all their bandwith. Hope they fox this. Netrunner is booming!

if you follow a direct link such as


you can get to it. it must be a homepage issue. Very odd

Noticed that netrunnerdb has been down(?) the last couple days of so. I saw this thread and the link one post above worked for me. So I thought this might be useful to people so I bumped the thread. Sue me.


Necro ftw. Having same issue. I can use it from platform where I am already logged in, but I cannot log in fresh. It is returning error: Invalid CSRF token.