Netrunnerlove (all the good names were taken); a blog

I started a netrunner blog -
Currently there is a Kala Ghoda review and not much else, but there will be more in the future (and not just set reviews)
If you like reading netrunner things, then maybe you will enjoy it


I would love to see the cards directly on your blog. Switching to NRDB on a separate tab is very meh. That said, good article. Had to look up Net Police and had a good laugh about that card.

Edit: Also Mumbad City Grid opens up kill options with Komainu and Whirlpool. Clearly it’s a great card, man!

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I am fully aware of this. Ideally, an image of the card would pop up when you mouse-over the card name. I think it’s possible to set that up, but I am lazy.

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I wrote a Business First set review :IO
(that is a shocked guy with a mustache)

Your comment about advanced assembly lines is a bit weird. Yeah it’s only a net gain of 4 if you count the ETF trigger on your own turn, but who would count that? The important thing is that it’s a net gain of 3 plus a click - aka a modded for the corp with a much easier restriction - almost strictly better than hedge fund, and therefore good

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Technically speaking, you only need to rez one other card to activate Lakshmi SF for a 3/2 agenda. This is because the rez of the card itself counts as the first one.

I wouldn’t count the ETF trigger on your turn because without AAL you would have just installed the card that AAL installed on their turn. “Better Modded / Career Fair” is a good point and one that I should have addressed. The reason I do not think it will see play over Hedge Fund is that 1) it trashes for 1 out of R&D 2) card slots (e.g. does Foodcoats want this? I don’t think so). But I think you are correct that I have rated it too low.

I edited the post because I had been reading it as needing to match the 3 instead of the 2 on a 3/2 (which would obviously be much worse). I also think it’s weird that the card counts itself given how cards that do that usually have parenthetical non-reminder text to that effect. But I should have checked the Ancur FAQ! :smile:

Salsette Island review is up

Also I didn’t post the DemDog review here so now I am doing that

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The Liberated Mind. I dunno why that emoticon shows up in this post like that : S

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I see your logic in not planning around a singleton with Rebirth. What are your thoughts on that philosophy in MaxX? It seems to me that could be a possible exception, in that her “thing” is exploding onto the scene like a runaway train. She should be well placed to grab that singleton before Levy AR Lab Access-ing for a second go with a new character, especially if you give her a season ticket for partying at Wyldside. Is there potential mileage in throwing the Corp a curveball and opening a different angle of attack once MaxX’ Tasmanian Devil impression starts to run out of puff?

If you’re playing Rebirth in MaxX, my questions for you are what is your deck doing and when do you want to be playing Rebirth.

Like suppose you have Rebirth in your opener. Clearly you’re not going to fire that thing right away, otherwise why is your deck MaxX in the first place?

It could maybe make sense to want to fire it right before your Levy. Once you’ve gone through your deck and gotten set up, it might be nice to stop burning your deck away the second time through it. But MaxX decks tend to be pretty “win quickly or bust”, so I’m a little skeptical that it would be worth trying to set that up instead of continuing to put the pedal to the medal the second time through your deck and hoping for that to be enough - if it wasn’t going to be enough, is Rebirth really going to make a difference?

So I guess my conclusion here is: you could do it, but I doubt it would be optimal. Sort of like how the sexily win-more Blueberry Pancakes gave way to the crushingly efficient Dumblefork.

I did an audio set review for Sovereign Sight, because talking is easier than writing. I hope people enjoy it :slight_smile:

VILE NECROMANCY! :skull::skull::scream:

Good to see you posting more content! :slight_smile: