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Netrunneronline.com is gone

This was the best site online for original Netrunner. I didn’t play original Netrunner, but I still found it useful if I wanted to compare new cards or rules to old, or as a resource to link to for people looking for original Netrunner info.

It looks like the site owner just decided to stop renewing the domain. (Or he neglected to renew it, but I think you get a fair number of reminder emails before your registrar can replace your site with an ad.)

I’ve grabbed a probably-complete copy of the site from the Wayback Machine, and I’m a little tempted to put it up somewhere, but I’m not sure I want to be responsible for it into the future. Does anyone have any better ideas for what to do with it?

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What about putting it up on github pages?

I liked the site too. Thanks for grabbing a copy!

I was really sad when I saw it was gone. GitHub pages may be a good solution. The original card images definitely need to be preserved somewhere!

I will gladly host it if you would send me the copy you have?


The catch with GitHub pages is that it would put the site in a subdirectory, and it’s all full of root-relative links, so it would be a bit more work.

Plus I’d worry a bit about the licensing issue. Though on that front, I suppose the first thing I should do is email the site owner and check if he’s ok with me putting up an archive of it.

@Hermit: I can zip it up and send it to you tonight. It’s just the result of using Wayback Machine Downloader and telling it to ignore changes after May 30.

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Zip file. This is just what the Wayback Machine Downloader produced, and will need some cleanup before it’s suitable for posting anywhere.

I’ve emailed the owner to ask if he minds me putting up an archive, and also if he’d be willing to transfer the domain to me so I could put the archive up at the same address and thus reduce link rot. Probably best to wait and see if he replies before moving forward.

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While this site lacks the card images, it does offer all of Neal’s Last Words and other resources made available on netrunneronline.com. It also contains significant information concerning what NetRunner was like and offers a look into deck design and construction from that era: http://netrunner.phtn.de/index.html

Another site with information from the original game was darkpact.de

And in the event there is any questions regarding card text you can go find all of it (I think) under “gccg data” here: https://github.com/esc/databroker


Took a slightly closer look at what I got from the Wayback Machine. Most of the forums aren’t there, and what is preserved is mostly spam. So that’s unfortunate, but it’s largely the card list and the rules that I’m concerned about.

Thank you for the other links, @Webster, those are helpful.

Well arasaka.de should have what you’re seeking in their download section. It has card lists and rarities for the three sets. I’m afraid I can’t link it from where I am at currently, but there should be a tab at the top that allows for a download of the information for which you’re looking. The site should have the rules also available for download.

Additionally, http://netrunner.phtn.de/rules/Netrunner%20Rules%20Guide.pdf is the rules with associated rulings (similar to our Core Rulebook and FAQ). And for the alternate formats to unrevised: http://netrunner.phtn.de/formats/Revised%20Format.txt; http://netrunner.phtn.de/formats/ukrules.pdf