New age of HB asset spam?

From the looks of Jinteki competitive these days, various kinds of HB asset spam seem popular.

Are we entering a new age of HB spam? How do we best deal with it?

Jinteki meta is always asset spam,since such deck is better play online (you don’t have to do the shuffle;never takes up space like actual game) and you don’t worry about lose your friends after play this type of decks.


I dunno, I find asset spam easier to play in real life than on jinteki. You have to keep zooming out on jnet and eventually it’s really hard to read the cards.

Also the EtF asset spam isn’t a prison deck, I don’t think you will lose any friends over it :P.

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If you do, just recur them.


Are you suggesting we should just… clone new friends? And give them voting rights?


Just looking at the reasons for this development: HB has Friends which save an influence (not a big deal), more importantly they have Clone Suffrage which recurs Friends, Estelle Moon was built for asset spam, they have some other utility tools that help (Shipment from Mirrormorph, Encryption Protocol). Then, on top of all that, you get the benefits of being HB: a great identity in ETF, 6 3/2 agendas, excellent ICE.

I don’t think beating HB asset spam differs greatly from every other faction. Be Whizzard and/or be rich, use tools like Slums & Scrubber. Maw and Hacktivist Meeting have some applications here, too.

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And I was looking forward to a meta not defined by asset spam =(. Guess we will have to wait another few months.

In a few months we won’t have Whizzard, but we’ll still have all of the assets.