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New agenda compositions: Global Food Initiative, and Vanity Project

@bewnt made a intro-level video on new agenda compositions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEtRlC2uinQ considering the release of Global Food Initiative and Vanity Project.

I want to get people’s thoughts on the use of the new compositions. I submit the following agenda composition:

  • 2x Vanity Project
    6/4 Agenda, 1 influence
  • 3x Global Food Initiative (GFI)
    5/3 Neutral Agenda, 1 influence: Global Food Initiative is worth 1 fewer agenda point while in the runner's score area.
  • 1x generic 5/3 agenda

The benefits:

  • 6 agendas yields fewer than one agenda every 8 cards. This is epic levels of agenda density.
  • Corp has to score two (1x VP + 1x GFI)
  • 80% chance that the runner has to score three (exceptions being if they score any two of GFI, GFI, or the generic 5/3).

The downsides:

  • 5/3s are hard to score, let alone a 6/4.
  • 5 influence on agendas.

One possible plan to score out that helps with the first downside:

  1. Score a 5/3 the hard way (with Ash/Caprice/etc…) IAA, then AAA -> score.
  2. Score the 6/4 using fast advance tricks. IAA, then Biotic/Sansan AAAA -> score

The benefit of this plan is that no agenda is on the board for more than a single runner turn. This is obviously only applicable to glacier-style decks, and is, I believe, most useful in HB (due to the native access to Biotic, Ash, and taxing ice).

I want to open this up to general discussion about the agenda compositions that the new agendas make possible.

  • What is the best way to use these agendas?
  • Does the plan above hold water (I know it will be somewhat difficult to discuss this without a deck list)?
  • What corps and/or deck styles will they find a home in?

First thought: very few or very hard to steal agendas mean currents become extremely powerful.

Second thought: scoring out against Noise will be very hard. The current may need to be Cerebral Static.


I would be tempted to do this with Mushin No Shin. I think I remember seeing a flavor of the month Cerebral Imaging deck that used Mushin with Mandatory Upgrades in a similar way. The issue obviously is protecting it with a single card since Mushin requires a new server. Caprice comes to mind but thats a lot of risk riding on a few Psi games. The alternative would be to have Punitive Counterstrike ready for the steal.

The other idea I’ve had is to use 3x The Future Perfect and 3x Global Food Initiative out of Harmony Medtech. You have 18 points to score, they have 16, plus you could put 4 counter on GFI in a turn with Trick of light.

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I’m not able to add much to the discussion yet, and I know there’s love for agendas like global food initiative, but it’s a very negative approach. Even if you are a kill deck, you have to have the plan that you win by scoring agendas. You have to have a plan where agendas come into your score area. They might as well help you further your gameplan.

I’m not sure what to think about vanity project yet, and this is what stops me from discussing your proposed agenda composition. But as a general thought, I don’t think you’d want global food initiative in the same decks that currently run NAPD, because you’d be hampering yourself a lot as well, and you’d be cutting the powerful agendas you’d have in faction. In jinteki, I suspect TFP is simply a better card to have, and influence free on top. And in all but harmony medtech, I don’t think you want both TFP and GFI, (for example in stead of NAPD) because you are never planning to actually score it.

I think for the different gameplans in weyland, it’s in house 5/3’s and prioreq are quite the competition. Do you rather have GFI than prioreq in blue sun? I don’t know. And influence always seems tight there. Which imo leaves HB. That’s where I could easily see a home for GFI, it has the tools to score it even if it spends influence, prioreq is the only competition and that simply isn’t as fun as in blue sun.

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3x Astroscript
3x Project Beale
2x Breaking News
1x 15 Minutes
1x Global Food Initiative
1x NAPD (or 3rd Breaking News + 1 random 3/1)

The future NBN agenda composition will looks like that.


This is cute, but difficult to actually make work. It can be paired with Shipment from Mirrormorph to install three ice, or two ice and an upgrade. For this, you try and score the VP first in that server, then score the GFI second.

A problem you’ll run into is that with VP as a 2-of, the variance on when you can make your move is somewhat high. You need both to have the card, Mushin, and ice+ups.

Don’t get me wrong, the mushin deck is fun, but relatively inconsistent on finding the necessary scoring window if the runner knows what’s coming. When it works, it is awesome. It is combo-intensive, so takes up quite a bit of hand real-estate till you have your combo.

I’d like to see how someone makes this work (perhaps with fast track to remove one of the combo dependencies?).

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Why not -1 NAPD, -1 Breaking News, +1 GFI?

  • the influence is too tight?
  • you want 3 2/1s?
  • NAPD still too good?
  • The extra deck-slot isn’t necessary?
  • The lowering of agenda density isn’t necessary?

I don’t know NBN composition details as well as the other factions. I’d appreciate your insight.

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Breaking News is hand down the best NBN agenda after Astroscript.
The utility value of having multiple Breaking news is huge.

Also, 2/1 is arguably better than 5/3 with fast-advance tools.

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napkin math:

conventional nbn agenda package 20 points / 11 cards
density = 1.82

proposed nbn agenda package 18 points / 10 cards
density = 1.8

It’s an improvement at the cost of 1 influence point.

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No Explodapalooza?

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@Spags: Probably not in FA / Rush build.
It’s good in Butcher but then Butcher is rubbish :smiley:

@Chill84: I actually want to be able to score most of my agendas. And it’s arguably easier to score NAPD.
The only value I can see with playing Food in NBN is being able to play multiple Breaking News without compromising your agenda suite too much.

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you’ve played with palooza haven’t you? It’s like getting to fast advance a good agenda as a consolation prize for losing a bad agenda.

palooza midseasons only. 3 breaking news good idea

I can’t see myself playing Explodapalooza outside of butcher/midseason decks. But those decks sucks ass and film critic is gonna laugh hard at this kind of strat.
Not viable :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that, aside from the lack of good 5/3s in-faction, HB might be the best for a suite like the one proposed. They tend to have lots to do in-faction, and spending influence on agendas means making more room for cards from your own faction. EtF could have 10 influence and still be a decent deck, whereas I despair a bit more with a 10 influence BS since Punitives aren’t of much help (though Weyland does have better access to good 5/3s). HB also has Biotic in faction, which means it’s easier to do the “advance twice, then Biotic to score” with VP.

Even without Vanity, though, I think HB might like GFI anyway. As noted in the video, 3 GFI plus ABT and Vitruvius means the runner can’t win on less than 4 agendas, but the corp may only need 3. The only question, really, is whether or not HB can set up a good scoring server reliably without Caprice. Maybe a midground between FA and Glacier, which HB is uniquely suited for? I dunno.


Vanity Project in IG with Old Hollywood Grid. That’s my plan.


weyland mushin with 2 vanity, 2 food, 1 takeover is going to be a deck. maybe cut food for HRI for more influence/better punitives, as 5 agendas total is already very low density.


That’s gonna be such a bitch to run against. Just mainly in a tournament setting, it would be real hard to not go to time.

How do you protect the Mushin’ed agenda? Blue Sun + curtain wall? Scorch threat? Don’t get me wrong, I’m digging the density, but mushin is hard to make work.

2 junebug 1 cerebral and advance after the mushin, 4 advanced mushins are terrifying

EDIT: Punitive threat just in case


expose effects new meta