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New agenda compositions: Global Food Initiative, and Vanity Project


I’ve tested it, it still really struggles with NEH.


Harmony Medtech with 3xTFP 3xGlobal Food makes for an incredibly fun deck to play.


i saw a list for this, and it’s so gross lol. who even needs Shi-kyu?


It definitely bolsters Harmony, but I still don’t think the deck is viable. anyone been having actual consistent success with a Harmony build versus competitive Runner decks?


But it worked great when I lost first turn in a regional due to someone stealing 2 agendas off the top of R&D :wink:


Haha, but it’s my secret sauce… OK, I’m due to actually post a deck list.

Blue Destroyer: Off The Grid

Agenda (7)

1x Chronos Project
1x Eden Fragment
1x Government Takeover
1x Hades Fragment
2x Oaktown Renovation
1x Utopia Fragment
Asset (8)

1x Adonis Campaign ••
1x Corporate Town
2x Executive Boot Camp
3x Jackson Howard •••
1x The Root
Upgrade (7)

1x Caprice Nisei ••••
3x Crisium Grid
1x Marcus Batty •••
2x Off the Grid
Operation (12)

1x Fast Track
3x Hedge Fund
2x Interns
3x Oversight AI
3x Restructure
Barrier (7)

1x Changeling
2x Curtain Wall
2x Hive
2x Spiderweb
Code Gate (2)

1x Wendigo
1x Wormhole
Sentry (3)

1x Janus 1.0 •••
1x Negotiator
1x Taurus
Multi (1)

1x Orion
Other (2)

1x Excalibur
1x Mother Goddess

So basically, I figured what would make a good off the grid deck. The runner not being able to run a server multiple times unless they have some janky trick. Janus, Curtain, and Orion make nice OAI targets, and you’re not trying to kill with Janus, you’re just trying to explain to the runner that this is his only warning, run at your own peril. The agenda density lets me be happy with mostly whatever hand I end up with, the most ideal being Wendigo, OAI, with a target for OAI.

The Root and Oaktown Grid are so awful to the runner, if you can get the Government Takeover ability early, you have economy, and the ability to paint a nice must run target for the runner. If you can’t swing that, The Root and Adonis (or you know, just Adonis) get money well enough, using the root to rez a crisium and bouncing it is nice, and you always want to have one out anyway.

Multi access is so not a big deal, I’ve let medium build up 7-10 counters once, because I’ve simply had enough points in HQ that I couldn’t lose. Eventually, you want to see agendas, even exiling a 3 pointer to Corporate Town is usually the right call, since you’re protecting yourself from multiple repeated runs on HQ, which is never good. If they can’t build up economy, the runner loses.

The ice selection is nice for of the grid, since it’s mostly ice the runner would want to parasite away, but can’t because of Blue Sun. And the giant intimidating ice of course. Excalibur does a lot of work on HQ, really goes a long way towards protecting off the grid, or failing crisium, the agenda. I use spiderweb because it’s always 3 to pass, unlike str 4 meru mati. AI decks aren’t much of a problem, even Faust. I love wormhole, it’s the greatest gear check for Blue Sun, and a good reason to play Batty and Negotiator. Mother goddess is a nice way to lock up a server against certain decks.

This deck can be strong against most runners, and can be played any number of ways. If you need to rush against noise, you’re likely able to protect your servers with Hades and Jackson, and you don’t need to go off the grid to win, you just need to create a disgusting server, and the money to rez it all. In this deck you plug up your holes first, then score with confidence, and oaktown is key in that department. You generally play a long game, but you also have the ability to make baller plays, draining runs for the runner that are necessary.


If you have a good str 5 sentry solution, or wormhole solver, probably, but paying for hive is usually problems for the runner, and it’s a 5 sub monster most of the game.


One last thing to make this a triple post. I know Janus costs 3 influence, I know I could fit 2 batty in if I wanted. Fuck you. Thank you.


Could you just… edit … your post next time? :confused:


Do you see how monstrous the first one is? Then I had to reply to someone else on my phone, THEN I realized the shit I’d inevitably catch from people about my influence choices (potentially).

Yes, next time I will just wait until someone responds, or will just edit.




When i tried this out it was a straight up less fun biotech greenhouse rush


I wonder if HBFA with domestic sleepers would work

This agenda composition has 3 agenda’s it doesn’t want to score but can if necessary. Previously builds of domestic sleepers would play 1x eff com 3x NAPD, so being able to cut an agenda from the list is quite good. Both because you have 1 fewer dead card in the deck, and because there is 1 fewer agenda for the runner to score.


Sleepers + Team sponsorship is a decent interaction, but you’re still spending two turns and two credits, for not enough value. Other than that, and archer jank, I don’t see a place for sleepers.


Take your standard HB fast advance deck and switch agenda compositions. The amount of additional accesses one would need is around 4 to beat the Domestic sleepers build compared to the standard build. Yes you do play domestic sleepers and have to score it, but without any jank at all you still are fine.


I would first look to try 6x 3/2, 2x Food, 2x 3/1. Then you have 8 agendas you can fast advance and don’t need Sleepers, and you can probably score Food some games too.


I have a friend that has had a surprising amount of success with HB using Caprice/Ash to secure a scoring server, then using that server to IAA a Vanity project when there’s a scoring window. Next turn is Biotic AAAA and win. He’s had 2 versions of it: a version with Domestics so he only has to score 3 agendas total while keeping a low agenda number that the runner can score, and a version with Cybernetics Court that you build a second server for in order to both draw into the Vanity and have it be more safe in HQ as well as give the runner something taxing to run in order to create a scoring opportunity.

They’re both interesting decks, but my money is probably on Food being way safer and easier to score with once that’s legal to use around here.


I’m convinced Global food initiative is really good, 2 Food and 7 2 pointers is probably the way to go. When the opponent scores a global food initiative the strength shows. Requiring someone to score 4 out of 9 agendas compared to NEH who makes you score 4 out of 11 is quite a big boon. HB glacier can make a comeback with the initiative since it gains a huge new strength compared to before. Since it is much more difficult to win against 3/8 agendas is 37.5% of your agendas while 4/9 is 44.44%.


Anyone playing me on OCTGN has surely seen my cybernetics court attempt with IQ. The 2 vanity projects I have in there really go a long way towards frustrating the runner, especially when only 6 points are in r&d


If you can spare one more influence, I think you really want 3 Food so that you’ll more reliably have one in hand when you have the window to score it.