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[New Angeles Sol] The Art of Trolling

So far, the deck has performed tremendously well in testing. It lost one game only (against Whizzard) and won the rest fairly uncontested. I am now running two Strongboxes rather than Architect and Ichi. Ash+Troll+Strongbox is a viable scoring remote as well and therefore I should be able to start scoring in remotes faster than before.

I am on my second game testing with your deck above and I am clicking for a lot of credits. Seems pretty cash strapped. I did win my first game (against a poor Noise)!

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I am clicking for creds more often than in other decks too. Then again - as there is no breaker suite that can handle your
scoring remote (well, Femme…), you are not really in a hurry. Plus I find that the opponent often does the same, as the runs are simply too brutal to get through.
Maybe it is advisable to get a 3rd Melange going? Just because that’s a more elaborate method of clicking for credits?

@Marsellus This has gone too far man! That board state is just the weirdest thing I’ve seen in ahwile. Btw, happy birthday from the other day!

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Awww, thanks :heart_eyes:

What I found exceptional is, that this is an NBN deck with a late game.
Because no matter the breakers your opponent has, your remote is save
(that is unless they are super more rich than you, which is unlikely).
Also I found that News Hound is a monster. Kate needs an Atman (which
is expensive and can be punished with Keegan) and it is 3 cards with Faust…
That ICE is exceptionally strong…

I think that Caduceus can be better then Architect in this deck. While Architect with Keegan Lane is really brutal. Caduceus will take care of some of the money issues. Considering what the scoring remote looks like program trashing isn’t even that important. Control over the runners available money and having more yourself seems a lot more important to me.

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3 beal, 2 GFI is better as u save 1 inf, and beal is GFI for nbn in practice.

But what about the Deckslot? 15 Minutes is too good to be exchanged for a 4/2 agenda…

Have you followed anything in the other sol thread lol? You’re telling the wrong person about News Hound being strong :stuck_out_tongue:


The real combo of TROLL SOL is:

Heinlein grid + Troll + SS.

Runner has 10 credits, is encountering troll and you rez Heinlein grid while SS is out as a current. Let’s consider options:

  1. They pay 2 and you pay 3 and they lose all their money or end the run.
  2. They pay more than that, Lets say 5 to make you match and you let them pay 5 to get through or pay 6 to make them choose to lose the other 5 credits or end the run.
  3. They pay all their credits to try and not get locked out because it’s last click or you just got 10 credits paid to pass troll.

Only option 2 is bad for the corp, plus you get to actually troll with troll. Seems hilarious.

10/10 Idea.


@Four_Leaf you deserved to post that! Kudos, that is indeed the ultimate Art of Trolling…

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What about adding kitties that score themselves?

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How well does the deck do against DLR Val or MaxX?

I might be repeating, but you could try TMI. If the runner link is > 4, re-rez.

In a deck that has so many tools to tag, this sounds like a good idea but deck slots might be an issue. Higher agenda density is lower though if you can reliably tag before they see the kitties.

The list would need modified more though and then it’d be too all in on tagging I think. As soon as you add QPM, you have to offset a lot to make it work.

3 DR, 2 guten seems ok at minimal to pull it off imo.

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Cannot tell you yet. I played once against MaxX (win), but not against DLR Val. Probably gonna be a tough mathcup,
but needs to be tested I think.

Btw, newest version online on NRDB:



Idk, replacing one Food and one 15 minutes with Beale + 2 Kitties only adds one deckslot. As for tagging: you already have 3 DR, 3 News Hound, and I like the Ichi plan better than Heinlein, so the Ichi trace gives you another way to tag. Seems pretty ok wrt tagging abilities.

[Argh, misedited…]
[Original Post: How can you say that Ichi is better than Heinlein???]

Yeah but it really sounds best-case scenario to me. I personally prefer to play it a bit more safe.