New Creation and Control Spoilers

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Some pretty big stuff.

I think the two biggest cards are Thomas Haas and Successful Demonstration.

Thomas Haas seems completely bonkers. He is essentially all upside no matter what the runner does, and if he forces a run into a protected server is a big economic swing.

Successful Demonstration is great at punishing those turn 1 runs the runner always makes. In general I really like operation/event economic cards, and this one will definitely be seeing play in my decks.

How about Same Old Thing? An extra Deja Vu, although the cost is high. Too high?

Probably better than Deja Vu in Criminal because you save two influence, allowing you to effectively play 6 account siphons. We will see though, the action cost is prohibitive.

I concur that Thomas Haas and Demonstration seem like legitimately good-to-great cards for the corp. Gila Hands is better than False Lead in any deck that’s not trying to bag the runner and wants another 3-advancer.

Same Old Thing is going to be pretty nice to recur the most punishing events from the heap. I’m looking at you, Account Siphon.

I’m not wild about any of the other cards, though I think The Source is neat–and thematically excellent. It’s one of those cards that I’ll have to play with a bunch. I thought New Angeles City Hall was going to be baller until I played with it a bunch and realized it was merely OK. The Source feels similar.

Feedback Filter is hilarious, though. Because Jinteki totally needed some easily splashable hate.

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Yeah, that is a card that seemed silly to print. Agree with your other points.

How is Same Old Thing expensive to use? With Deja Vu you need a click to use, a click to play the actual event, and the two credits to use. With SOT it’s simply a click to play, and a click to use, which initiates the event. As long as you equate a click to two credits, their cost is exactly the same, less the influence.

Hence I see Shapers being able to do a LOT of damage post C&C. Perhaps not Criminal-worthy, but damn close to it. Having the best in-faction draw power in the game as well as the best “access” enhancers, all they have been lacking are toys and early game tricks. Not anymore, with the right splashes. I haven’t lost with Kate in a while now.

Some internet sites seem to be all over the Source, some even claim to looove Feedback Filter. I am glad that this site feels like a haven of reason, aka Thomas Haas will likely have the biggest “general” impact of those nine cards hands down.

edit: Aahhhh, the Feedback Filter fanboys are everywhere… It’s so great with Stimhack… nope… but it prevents brain damage… so? The only card to deal out more than one brain damage is Edge of World, aaginst all other cards it prevents one, like Crash Space vs PSF. Totally not worth the hassle…

edit2: Quote from reddit “Thomas Haas: The best part of this card is the flavor text” I don’t want to play Netrunner on this planet anymore…

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When all else fails in netrunner card evaluation, assume the simplest cards are the best, because the more intricate ones tend to just be “code” for something else entirely.

Example Darwin:
What People think he does: Breaks any ice for cheap, and access agendas at will!

What he actually does: Forces corp to purge once every 4 turns as long as you continue to spend money on it.


Fixed that for you

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I can’t believe people actually like this card. Wow!

Thomas cant force the run. Adding counters to him (for a click and a $) doesnt actually generate economy, its just $1 actions.

They can just ignore him once they know what he is.

He is a low risk trap, that has good interactions with certain cards (Simone Diego, Matrix Analyzer, and Psychgraphics with Infinite Tags, lol)

Maybe other people play against a lot of Jinteki and don’t like being patient? I dunno, man. I don’t get it. But then again, this is the internet ;).

Because I’m curious, do you have your Kate list posted anywhere? I did merely OK with a Kate list at my regional back in April, and only returned to Shaper lists in the last couple of weeks at my league. Haven’t really found anything that makes me smile like Crims or Noise yet, though.

I do here on Stimhack, but it’s a somewhat outdated prospective post-C&C deck, so isn’t exactly testable right now.

Currently however, it’s:

Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker (Core)
Total Cards: 45

Event (19)
Diesel (Core) x3
Indexing (Future Proof) x3
Modded (Core) x3
Quality Time (Humanity’s Shadow) x2
Test Run (Cyber Exodus) x2
The Maker’s Eye (Core) x2
Account Siphon (Core) x2 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
Deja Vu (Core) x1 ■ ■
Notoriety (Trace Amount) x1
Hardware (4)
Dinosaurus (Cyber Exodus) x2
Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead) x2
Program (12)
Crypsis (Core) x3
Deus X (A Study in Static) x2
Gordian Blade (Core) x2
Snowball (Trace Amount) x2
Crescentus (A Study in Static) x2 ■ ■
Mimic (Core) x1 ■
Resource (10)
Aesop’s Pawnshop (Core) x1
Armitage Codebusting (Core) x3
Kati Jones (Humanity’s Shadow) x2
Data Leak Reversal (Future Proof) x2 ■ ■
Public Sympathy (Cyber Exodus) x2

It’s good, but Same Old Thing and Self-Modifying Code will put it way the hell over the top. One thing to note is that Crypsis is the primary Sentry breaker; I hardly attempt Mimicsaurus unless I’m having trouble economically against a server with more than 2 sentries.


Some random internet quotes:

Feedback fitter is soooo good!

not sure how i like most of those cards, but I love the feedback filter

My personal favorite cards from this reveal are easily Feedback Filter on the Runner side

Feedback Filter: An excellent card all around. Fits well into any deck that runs Personal Workshop and Stimhack.


:laughing: Priceless.

I can’t wait to go to a tournament post c&c and have someone try to stimhack me after playing feedback filter. I think the look of utter despair and disappointment will be worth it once I point out that stimhack damage is unpreventable.


In fact I found another one:
“Feedback Filter is going to fundamentally change the Jinteki game”



It might be fun to play feedback filter just to rub it in any Jinteki players face about how completely screwed their faction is. :slight_smile:

“Hey look, its my hard counter to your bad faction! haha!”