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New Criminal IDs from Honor and Profit (And Others)

Two new criminal IDs from Honor and Profit.


Edit to Add:


For Tenma, two extra influence seems kinda random, though I suppose they found it to be the sweet spot after testing.

Stirling I can’t see as being great. He’s docked 5 influence and is virtually blank against Jinteki and Weyland decks that function primarily on flatline. More importantly, it would stand to reason that his ability has antisynergy with criminals in general, whose early aggression typically ensures an early lead.

Interesting IDs, though not terribly imaginative. Time will tell though.

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tenma with desperado makes a whole lot off dirty laundry

stirling might actually be the first runner to want to run data dealer

Both seem like strong identities. Tenma is kind of boring-- his main purpose is merely to synergize with a large number of events that people already want to play. It’s a good synergy, though, and the extra influence will help import strong events from out of faction.

I definitely anticipate him seeing play, perhaps with support from PrePaid Voice PAD. If you play a Dirty Laundry for 1, get 1 back, and then gain 5+1 from Desperado, that’s 6 credits for a run you may have wanted to make anyway-- and even if not, 6 credits for 1 click is ludicrous!

Stirling is much more interesting. His ability provides a strong economic benefit, especially against decks that try to score agendas early (Weyland often wants a quick Hostile Takeover to turn on Archer). He has an interesting potential synergy with Data Dealer and perhaps a slower, control-based playstyle. I would be really excited about this identity in Anarch-- it’ll be interesting to see how it does in Criminal.


tenma gets paid to index + has the extra influence to pull in more than one copy.

stirling is interesting and he does make me want to try out frame job.

More Spoilers!

Passport is weak against the code gates it needs to be strong against: Viktor 2.0 and Tollbooth. :frowning:

Stirling could be good with Singularity and Keyhole to hold off on scoring until his glory run.

I think the best comparison for Passport is Zu- the most relevant thing is the 1 cost to install. Passport saves criminals influence, and breaks enigma and datapike for cheaper, and ends up about the same against tollbooth and Viktor 2.0. The disadvantage of only breaking central servers is a downside, of course, but maybe it will be worth it in a deck focusing on centrals anyway.

I like Tenma a lot. I think that 17 influence will go a long way.

Iain seems like a card for a future meta. Of course, a criminal is never terrible really, but I don’t see a reason to run him now, unless some alternate win condition is in Honor and Profit.

Express is good. I like him better than Gabe. Even if you assume equal credit benefit from their power (which I think is fair), Express is better because you get his during the run, not after. Not to mention +2 influence.

Passport is an okay card. It’ll play in criminals, but nothing else.

I agree, but I also feel like Iain is hard to evaluate, since his ability has a trigger that has never been used before. I think it would be worth putting him in as a straight swap for Gabe, just to get a feel for how powerful his ability really is, because I think its a hard one to theory-craft around.

I think tenma will be better in a straight swap, although more towards an older gabe list with a focus on indexing/makers eye. -5 influence hurts a lot of gabe decks