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New Cycle Upstalk officially announced!

Holy crap! Some intense stuff here.


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Generally, most games of Android: Netrunner can be broken down into three stages: the early game, the mid-game, and the late game. Historically, the early game belongs to the Runner, who looks to score as many agenda points as possible before the Corp can rez its defenses. In the mid-game, the Corp has established enough defenses to start scoring some points. Then, in the late game, the Runner’s rig is fully assembled, the Corporation’s defenses become vulnerable, and no agenda is safe. The most powerful Runner decks try to extend the early portion of the game as long as possible, and may even prevent the mid-game stage from ever occurring. And many of the best Corp decks are able to win the game in any stage, often by flatlining a careless Runner.

What Lukas says about the runner trying to “extend the early portion of the game” in which she has the advantage reminds me and almost sounds like a mini synopsis of Alex’s article on the early game from back in the day. This is certainly the way to naturally come think of the game, though I remember it being most salient to me after reading the old article.

I’m insanely excited that on the low gravity environment of the lunar landscape we’ll have ways to disrupt that formerly natural game progression, especially since the late game was always a game of attrition against the corp.


Those region upgrades… so exciting. Regions other than SanSan have been underwhelming but by Zeus’ Beard I am excited for Anson Grid and Midway Station Grid (an update of Crystal Palace Station Grid). Changeling seems super-versatile.

I wonder what Shell Corporation and Eden Shard do, and what the recurring credits on The Root are for :). Must. Have. More. Details.

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It looks like eden shard costs 7, but can be installed for free instead of accessing cards after a successful run on…something. R&D or HQ are the obvious options. An interesting mechanic, I can’t wait to see what the card actually does.

the runner ID is… interesting I guess?

Yeah, definitely an unusual runner. Obvious synergy with Workshop/SMC and to a lesser extent Clone Chip (to spend your credits before losing them if someone rezzes Pop-Up Window or whatever), but the ability still seems like a downside much of the time, especially given the present unpopularity of big ICE.

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Plus we’ll hopefully be seeing the Stealth breakers and credit generators finish, giving him a very nice and solid set of recurring credits to run with.

expose effects.

plus who knows what we’ll see in the packs before he gets out.

he might get some cool combos or something, and he works with rook and xanadu, but still, he gets COMPLETELY destroyed by a pop up window


“Completely stopped by pop-up window” is definitely not what I’m looking for in an identity.

Note though that you can use Parasite with SMC, Personal Workshop, or Clone Chip to destroy Pop-Up Window before encountering it and thus avoid losing money. However, this guy’s early game looks like it may well have to be much less aggressive than usual, and that may be too much of a weakness to overcome.

He’s so hard to judge in a vacuum.

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