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New Draft set questions about the identities

Anybody play with the new draft sets?

Do you get to choose your identity, or are those drafted too?

If you choose, when do you need to choose (i.e. before or after the draft?)

If you choose and it is before the draft, does it need to be revealed before the draft?

You choose after you’ve drafted, while deck building.


Does nbn’s draft ability seem way stronger than pretty much everyone else’s? What’s better, a 3 tag breaking news, or a clickless tenma line? Just kidding, obviously.

I don’t know, advanceable Weyland ice is pretty good I hear…

Well, if you don’t need to spend a click, maybe it’s not that bad. I can see tyrant being useful that way, and it’s always fun to hit people with the woodcutter. I even think there will be a fun deck that powers those ice with pad factory. It’s still not yeah on demand. Astroscript will enable scorch kills line no other in draft. Then again, maybe it’ll encourage hate drafting more. Can’t scorch you without scorch.

OK, I watched the Teamworkcast hardwired draft, and I will admit my head was sort of ass shoved. Anyway, getting to potentially play a hedge fund cause the game forced you to shuffle it in is definitely a bonus to never decking. The weyland id ability could make ice pretty gross, pretty easily. No one played jinteki, so I can’t say how much it looked like it sucked, but hey reusable tenma line, right?