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New factions?


Do you think we’ll ever see a new corporation or runner faction? Is there a playstyle that hasn’t been tapped yet, or are existing factions/corps plexiglass enough to accommodate new additions to strategy without needing an entirely new meta?


I think now would be a good time to really analyze the state of the game, and the options available for victory on both sides. We need a thread full of netrunner scientists. Maybe an AI runner faction would be cool, something explicitly complex, and that has weird interactions with cards that are commonly underused, making them good only in the new faction. So many possibilities.





Order & Chaos.

(sorry to be a broken record :D)


So… @PeekaySK… do you like Anarchs? :slight_smile:

I’d like to see box #4 be NBN + a new faction, or NBN + rainbows (cards for each runner faction, around a new mechanic / theme).


Once people start complaining about witrd, chakana, false echo, copycat and leviathan, we will be in the ideal game state in my opinion haha.

More specifically, when datasucker, parasite, smc, clone chip, account siphon, and faerie stop being such ubiquitous cards in their factions, that will make the world a brighter place.


I love how stuff like this is still around.


Only if you define still around to include a year ago.


I personally love a good necro, I’m almost never done with old crap


Necro aside, I think it’s kind of funny that threads like these existed even a year ago. The concept of an eighth major faction never made sense to me after the initial release, and speculating about adding one seems even stranger. Have you ever seen someone give any example of what the eighth faction would do that the others didn’t, or wouldn’t? Actually how far do you have to be from the strategic details of the game that it seems worthwhile to wonder aloud about whether the whole thing has enough colors? Maybe if ffg had conspicuously left out part of ONR, or represented the whole rainbow except yellow, or something, but it’s always struck me as the most casual possible question.


I don’t think there is much space. I mean Call of Cthulhu managed to introduce the Twilight, I’m not 100% sure what they bring to the table but they did bring some new stuff. Most every Netrunner mechanic has representation in the factions and they don’t blend, which is pretty different from CoC