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New Fear and Loathing Spoilers!


Once again NBN gets the best corp toys. I’m starting to think an NBN exec is assisting with card design.

I’m interested to see yet another BP-removing Jinteki tool. I’m a bit terrified at the prospect of a future card that self-inflicts BP in return for massive net damage or something similar.


Well, obviously NBN is the best at “Spinning” things their way!

Goodbye Character Assasination.

Hello Market Research.

Another pack that is all about the corps. NBN is at the top again, but Blue Level Clearance is pretty strong.


hemorrhage is pretty interesting, you could probably build it up pretty quick in the right deck. Also there is literally a seppuku card

Finally a Whizzard-themed card. Shame it’s such a… conditional one. I get that it bypasses stuff like Ash, Caprice and Hudson, but still.

Vulcan Coverup seems to continue the trend of “no, running Carapace-less won’t be viable, even if you run anti-tagging tech” that PC started, which is a damn shame.

Resolving Face genuinely amused me - the flavor is just hilarious and I see a lot of Jacksons (or maybe interns that look suspiciously like Jacksons) commiting Sepukku after they’re caught Profiteering in the future :smiley:

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Market Research is amazing, really looking forward to it. MSR / Data Ravens / playing against tag-me just got a huge boost.
I also didn’t realize wraparound was NBN, seems like a solid pack for them.

I probably won’t play it, but I look forward to the first game report where someone wins with Quest Completed and Nerve Agent / Medium.

At that point, yelling “Quest Completed!” at the top of your lungs is pretty much mandatory. Bonus points if you use Josh B. to have enough actions to fit a Surge in there somewhere.

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What I want to know is if the runner can pull off a reverse-flatline with it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the “two hosted virus counters”, self-referential text? I would imagine it would be the same rules as Imp (almost the same wording). I would also imagine the designers to have that intent but I would not put it past the rules lawyers to claim that it refers to any hosted virus counters.

NBN and HB. Kings of the Castle.

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Quest Completed has no synergy with Nerve Agent or Medium, though, other than that you have to be able to make successful runs on HQ & RnD. Which I don’t foresee a lot of. It’s the Anarch version of Notoriety, which almost never sees play.

It could be really cool with those super-efficient centrals-only icebreakers, though!

hosted implies hosted on the card in question, otherwise you could kill people with viktor 2 using other power counters, which wouldn’t make sense

Blue Level Clearance… Meh… is almost exactly Green Level Clearance +1 card - 1 credit. I would almost say I like it more (valuing the card over the credit), but the 2 influence is too much.

Hemorrhage… O_O… I like. I love me some Noise, and this seems like an amazing card for him. Letting him run anywhere and accelerate his game plan is pretty big. On the pricey side, but I definitely see this as becoming a part of his virus toolbox. Probably overrating due to my personal Noise/mill bias.

Quest Completed… Interesting… The good thing is that you don’t need to don’t need to play it preemptively. I will probably splash one and see how I feel about it, could be decent though.

Wraparound… Great card. Competes with Ice Wall in terms of being the best barrier, since more or less forces a Fracter for only 1 more credit.

Alpha and Omega… Interesting… I definitely think that they have their place with Alpha being much better than Omega. Definitely, Shaper only though and I’m not entirely sure what their immediate needs are.

Stongbox Meh… I feel the credit tax versions of the effect are much better.

Vulcan Coverup Meh… Two meat damage for scoring a 3 point agenda, I feel is a low return with the downside being rough. Maybe it has a place, but I don’t think it replaces any of Weyland’s other one point agendas.

Market Research Wow… This is some crazy tag punishment. One of the stronger agendas in the game.

Cybersolutions Mem Chip Interesting… If it were neutral, I could see Anarchs liking this, but two influence is a lot for what it does. Honestly, I see this as the best Shaper console, which ironically is great primarily because it’s not a console and so you can have multiples. Lets your run a large rig AND Magnum Opus. I like it.

Extreme(?) Wiretaps Meh… Criminals have better things to do with credits and clicks. Maybe, if you expect to have a really strong economy mid-game.

Restoring Face Meh… Not sure why Jinteki have this, as Bad Publicity is must more of a Weyland thing. If you have a reason to be getting that Bad Publicity, i.e. Profiteering or Grim, then it can be useful. It’d be a very niche application though.

Yagura Interesting… If the influence is low enough, i.e. one, then I could see this card being useful in many decks.

ruhr valley + strongbox + replicating perfection = 5 clicks to steal an agenda in that server. is it weird thats what im most excited about in this pack? nbn and weyland didnt need help. ffg really seems to be trying to push that muresh body suit into decklists and sell extra copies of what lies ahead.

hemmorhage seems cool but anarchs problems are not breaking stuff.

monolithing into alpha + omega + program x could be fun just to say you did it…

i think its my least favorite pack of the cycle.

I think many people are missing the point of Quest Complete. It has the potential to be worth 3 agenda points.

Take an example against the many Weyland decks that sport 5/3s and 2/1s. They may think they can safely score behind a well-defended remote. Now you run R&D, run archives, Siphon HQ (or Sneakdoor), play QC.

You just scored up to 3 AP, or more if HQ/R&D was fruitful. It’s not guaranteed like Notoriety, but it has higher potential reward. If the meta moves away from scoring out of hand, this card could end up tier 2 or perhaps even tier 1.

Quest Completed is much better than Notoriety, albeit more conditional. Not only do you score an agenda worth at least 1 agenda point, but you also prevent the Corp from scoring its agenda.


@Kingsley and @Alsciende oh, agreed that it has huge upside, I just don’t know of many builds that can even land notoriety on any reasonable basis.

Just when I thought I had all my decks finally figured out. So many new possibilities! I always love when Weyland gets a new Transaction (even if it says HB on the card) and Alpha and Omega make me wanna play around with Shaper again.

I still LOVE the art on Vulcan Coverup! I’m so glad it got onto a playable card. Eating up those Plascreats. Even more with a scored Cleaners! Lets not forget we are getting GRNDL and Blackmail as well in this pack. Also NBN gets some neat toys. So far, I like what I see

Preliminary ratings:

Blue Level Clearance: 3/5. Somewhat inferior to Green Level Clearance, since it is much weaker on turn 1, and many HB decks don’t play Green Level Clearance at present. Influence makes it a costly import for Weyland to boot. However, I think it’s possible that we’ll see HB decks that go to a pure Transaction economy, and that might be quite powerful. The main reason that I’m not more enthused about this card is that Adonis and Eve Campaign serve useful secondary functions of causing bad runs, taxing the Runner’s early game, and blocking Account Siphons.

Hemorrhage: 1.5/5. This, like Laramy Fisk, is a card where many minor alterations could make it really cool and good; unfortunately none of them have been made.

Quest Completed: 2.5/5. A sniper Notoriety. Unfortunately that makes it somewhat more conditional than the real Notoriety. Good for dealing with Ash, though interestingly Red Herrings and Strongbox still work against it.

Wraparound: 3.5/5. While this card’s luster is somewhat diminished by Paper Wall providing a solid Ice Wall replacement in many decks, this will still see a good amount of play.

Alpha: 2.5/5. Hard to tell how good this will be. It’s basically a much better but conditional Crypsis, and the main reason that Crypsis sees even the limited play that it does is its unconditional nature.

Omega: 3/5. Omega gets an extra half-point over Alpha because of the excellent synergy with Kit “Rielle” Peddler. Still hard to tell where this one will end up, though.

Strongbox: 1.5/5. Generally inferior to Ash and Red Herrings. There seems to be little reason to play this card, especially given that most good runners don’t run on their last click anyway.

Vulcan Coverup: 2/5. Generally inferior to False Lead in a Weyland flatline deck; would likely be mediocre even without its downside. This card is mostly good against people who don’t know that they don’t have to use their Plascrete counters.

Market Research: 4/5. Perhaps the best NBN 4 difficulty agenda at present, though it will likely be superseded by NAPD Contract in many decks when that comes out next month. Works well with Accelerated Diagnostics combos against tagme decks, allowing you to score 3 points with 1 Interns -> Shipment from SanSan -> Shipment from SanSan. However, you can already do this with Project Beale if you have an AstroScript counter to spare, so it’s less awesome than it seems. Also great in a Midseasons deck.

Cybersolutions Mem Chip: 2/5. 4 credits for 2 memory is stupidly overpriced when you consider that Grimoire provides both 2 memory and a strong effect for only 3 credits and Djinn does the same for 2 credits. In general most decks that need to pay for memory at this price are probably bad. Perhaps that will change in the future?

Executive Wiretaps: 2/5. Pretty expensive for what you get, especially compared with Expert Schedule Analyzer. Like Running Interference, the cool effect probably isn’t worth 4 credits and 2 clicks.

Restoring Face: 2.5/5. Great synergy with Profiteering. Some Jinteki decks are already running Veteran’s Program, though, and this might not be as good-- expendable sysops/executives/clones are not always available.

Yagura: 4/5. Great early game ICE. Would be even better if Yog wasn’t a card, but so it goes-- once Inazuma is printed Jinteki will have some nasty code gate loadouts against most standard breaker configurations. I suspect that the upcoming stealth code gate breaker will counter this, but that’s mere speculation at this phase.

I didn’t speak up in favor of this yet-- but I will now! Notoriety is an extremely strong card and I try to fit one in to all of my Shaper decks. In the modern environment being at 6 AP is quite common, and being able to close out the game in an unexpected fashion can be quite potent.

I do think it is somewhat weaker in Anarch, who IME have less ability to get into all servers. But it’s still a pretty cool card, and a potentially good counter to some of the aggressive play that we’ve been seeing with Ash and the like.

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You sure about that?

  • Run central
  • Run remote
  • Pay extra click for Ruhr
  • Pay extra click for Strongbox

Dunno, sounds like 4 clicks to me. If there were an Ash as well, then we’d be singing a different tune… but at that point you’re using so much influence you’re probably better off in HB.